8 foods you can share with your dogs

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A lot of pet-keepers give their pups food right from their own table. Despite the warnings by many experts, feeding pets from your own plate isn’t that bad an idea, especially if you’re on a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and greens. 

1. Sweet Potatoes: 

Sweet potatoes have numerous health benefits for both the dogs and their owners. They’re a rich source of vitamins like A, C and B6, anti-oxidants that prevent cancer, copper iron and a source of fibers that help with digestion. You can get them in whole portions after baking in low-fat cooking oils.

2. Fish: 

Abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, oily fish options like anchovies, salmon and sardines can help you and your pet prevent allergies, cardiac diseases, skin problems and treat arthritis. They are not only tasty for canines but also improve a pet’s behavior and intelligence. 

3. Carrots: 

Carrots are full of phytonutrients and are a known treat for dogs. They are also sources of vitamins A, K and C that give a nutritious boost to a dog’s vision, blood sugar level and their cardiac health. You can freeze them for summers and incorporate them in your pet’s diet throughout the year.

4. Broccoli: 

Broccoli isn’t just the one of the tastiest human world vegetable hailing from Italy, it can also prove to be super-healthy for your pet. Studies have shown them to be effective in fighting skin infections and preventing cancer and cardiac diseases. It helps excrete toxins from the body and is so dog-friendly that you can feed it to them daily, raw or cooked.

food share with your dogs

5. Kale: 

Kale provides an optimum balance of nutrition and extremely low level of calories while being an excellent source of fiber, calcium and vitamins A, E and C. It reduces the chances of your pet developing cancer or heart diseases. You can serve them cooked to your dogs in thinly cut portions. 

6. Beans: 

Several beans like soybeans, black and garbanzo beans are super-beneficial for dogs. Besides being a proven healthy option for humans, they can help your pet boost the immune system, regulate blood sugar levels with their high fiber content and resist diabetic developments. 

7. Quinoa: 

Quinoa is a great source of complete proteins and is one of the few vegetables that help expel oxidants, diabetes, heart diseases and cancerous agents. It’s not that difficult to prepare either. All you have to do is boil for around 15 to 20 minutes and use it in a variety of different meals like fish, meat and maybe a few vegetables.

8. Kelp: 

Kelp as a pet food isn’t as famous in the West as it is in many Asian countries. The British people started using it in the 19th century specially in the Scottish Highlands. It is an incredible plant with exceptional therapeutic effects. It can enrich your diet with calcium, selenium, iodine, phosphorous and iron. Kelp fortifies the immune system, fights arthritis, regulates the apetite and helps reducing infection and weight. You can find it in the stores in fine powdered form and sprinkle it over your dog’s or your own home-cooked food. 

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