Tips to help your kid and pet bond


You can find numerous ways pets can be useful for a kid. Kids indulge in various activities that help them physically and improve them socially. The connection between a kid and pets helps the kids in developing traits like empathy and responsibility.

Children and pets may go along well, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your child with a pet alone. To make sure your kids and pets stay on good terms follow these tips:

Do not put your kid incharge of the pet

Most pets will act naughty at some point, no matter how well trained they are. Id your pet gets caught in such act by your kid, he shouldn’t take the matter in his own hands. Instead they should inform you of the act. If they intervene themselves there’s a possibility that the pet may scratch or bite the kid.

Don’t forget that the kids learn from the acts of adults and try to do the same. So you should not be forceful with the pets. Instead try to give your pet some treats and avoid forceful acts when dealing with pets. 

Supervise your kids and pets

Pets and kids are not always friends and you shouldn’t leave them alone together. Always being there physically with your pets and kids isn’t enough most of the time, you need to observe each interaction between your kid and pet. You should be able to read the body language of the pet and the child. Also, teach your kids how to gently handle the pets; with care and love.

Always be ready to step in between your kid and the pet if they are having problems, e.g if your pet is getting annoyed by the kid’s activities like playing with the tail, you should intervene and tell the kid to stop. Same goes for the pet.

Selfy with pet

In order to successfully supervise, you need to be present both physically and mentally, teaching and guiding your kid amd the pet to have a good relationship and loving interactions.

Allocate private time and getaway space

Having some private time and safe space can help your kid and the pet both. Allocate a place like a crate or a pet house in a corner for your pet. Teach your pet to go to the safe space if it is feeling low or overwhelmed. The job doesn’t end here, you also need to guide your child not to intervene and approach the pet when it is in the safe space. Teach your kid to not interact with the pet in that time.

The same way, it is also necessary to arrange a safe refuge for your kid to have some private time. Teach your pet that a shut door or a go away call once means that the kid is in the safe space and not to be disturbed. You can also have a safe room for your pet if you have a toddler that cannot be left alone with a closed door. The safe room should be a place where the pet can stay unsupervised without harming itself or the room objects, so you could spend some time with the kid undisturbed.

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