9 tips for getting better at parenting


Raising kids is both the hardest and at the same time the most fulfilling thing in the world. Here are nine parenting tips to help you get better at it:

1. Improving your kid’s Confidence

Kids are constantly absorbing the energies in your voice, expressions and your body language. Nourishing them with the right words and actions makes them feel proud, capable and boost their self-esteem.

2. Encourage your children when they’re being good

Make a proactive effort in finding your children doing something good rather than criticizing them all the time. Find something to praise, reward or compliment and you will watch more of that behavior grow every day.

3. Define the limits in a preemptive manner

limits in a preemptive manner

Discipline helps teach kids the norms and acceptable behaviors that one needs to function in a society as responsible adults. Small house-rules like television-time limit, no name-calling, no littering etc. along with ensuring soft consequences like a time-out, warning or silent treatment can be helpful.

4. Spend more time with them

Getting up a few moments earlier to grab a bite at breakfast with kids, going for a walk with everyone or watching something together, even for a few minutes every day can help them get the attention they require. Weekends can be an excellent opportunity to do something special like games, movies, cards or any other activity in the yard.

5. Present yourself as a model of good conduct

You are the biggest source of learning for your kids so make sure they’re learning the best from you. Exhibit traits like respect, tolerance, honesty, friendliness and decisiveness. Tell them with your behavior that they have to be good without expecting anything as a reward.

6. Communication is the soul of your relationship

Good communication and maintaining it that way is one of the most important parts of a parent-child relationship. Understand that your kids deserve explanations and leaving things unanswered can create voids or distance. Describe the problems you’re going through as a family, take your kids on board to work out a solution, respect their suggestions and their be open to their input.

7. Adapt to new changes in your parenting

Kids keep growing up and with every year, their age demands something new from you. You will have to keep evolving your parenting to reduce the frustration and be more accepting to changes in their behavior. Things will get very complex when your kids will step into their teens and ask for more independence. 

8. Show that you’re always there to help them and your love is unconditional

Your child will often end up doing something that will warrant your correction and guidance. How you express yourself is what determines how your child accepts it. The most important thing to exhibit while correcting or confronting your children is to make sure they don’t develop any resentment towards you. They must know that they will always have your love and that you expect better from them in the future. 

9. Accept your own limitations and needs too

No one in the world can claim to be a perfect parent so it’s important to forgive yourself for your shortcomings, accept them and strive to become better. We all have our different weaknesses and strengths. Loving and caring for yourself is also an extremely important thing for your children to get inspired from.

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