Fix one-sided relationship with these 4 tips


On a sentimental level, there is nothing more painful than loving someone who does not love you. One-sided love is therefore far from being easy to deal with. However, not everything is necessarily set in stone because it is possible to transform it into a shared love. But to do so, it is essential to rebalance things and to reconnect with happiness before thinking of happiness together. We must also ask ourselves the right questions:

  • Why isn’t this love shared?
  • How do you change a one-sided love?
  • What are the methods to be applied in order to achieve the love one deserves and avoid destructive love obsession?

All these questions arise when we have difficulty putting words to this problem and especially when we can hardly talk about it around us.

However, thanks to concrete actions and above all a better understanding of the situation, you will be able to change the relationship you are in, whatever the field. Because this does not only concern relationships between couples, but in your family or professional life you can also feel this lack of love.

Why does one side love hurt so much?

There are several reasons why it may be difficult to accept that your feelings are “superior” to those of your partner or the person you consider. Nevertheless, it is true that in countless relationships there is a lack of balance. We often hear that in a couple there are always those who love more than the other or that one partner shows more attachment than the other.

However, the couple is not synonymous with a balance of power, but it must be acknowledged that this situation does exist. An unbalanced love is therefore synonymous with frustration, but can also have consequences on the couple as well as on the psychological level which can be devastating.

The consequences of one-sided love

One can then legitimately think that there is a phenomenon of love dependency when faced with one-sided love, but this is not always the case.

One sided love consequences

one-way love is complicated to accept because it gradually leads to a loss of self-confidence. To sum up, you have the impression that you are not up to the task, you also have the impression that the relationship is a decoy because everything holds because you make the effort.

You compare yourself to others and you find it hard to accept the situation. There’s a feeling that you’re not being loved at your true worth. You probably give 100% in the relationship and would like to receive the same, but this is not the case, at least for the moment.

The consequences of unilateral love on a relationship

In addition to the psychological damage, there are also consequences for the relationship.

First of all, the main risk is to put the person you love on a pedestal. This has the effect of provoking an even greater distortion because to promote feelings you have to be the equal of your half of the person you like. When the imbalance is too great, the attraction is necessarily less.

Another problem caused by one-sided love is that in order to make up for this lack one gives more in the hope that there will be a return, but in reality, one pushes the other to give even less. This leads to a vicious circle of giving more and more love and increases frustration.

So this is not the way to change a situation that is not basically healthy.

What about non-loving relationships?!

As mentioned above, unrequited love doesn’t only strike couples. 

In non-loving relationships such as family relationships and in the world of work this situation can cause many blockages.

You don’t manage to bring out your full potential, you feel as if you are in the way and you have the impression that you are standing back, which causes even more frustration!

How to Fix a one-sided relationship: 4 tips to apply!

To reverse a love that is not reciprocal and make it stronger there is obviously work that must be done without wasting time.

Don’t make excuses, don’t put yourself in a position of weakness, it’s today that you have to move forward, apply the following 4 tips.

#1.  Make yourself wanted!

As I explained earlier in the article it is important to do some work on yourself to feel better but it is also necessary to accompany it with other actions so that your partner changes his behavior and gives you what you need.

The first thing is to give less attention and today, attention is often given through messages, social networks, and calls. You need to put some distance in order to make yourself desired and above all change your habits. The goal is that he or she wonders why you act this way and questions himself or herself.

#2. Show your fulfilment and create lack

Unshared Love is often the result of emotional dependence. The problem is that you see your happiness and your future only through him or her. This creates imbalance in your relationship because you close yourself off to all other forms of happiness.

I’m not talking about cheating on your partner, quite the contrary, but rather about not stopping you from living. You have to get out, have a strong social circle, don’t stay in your traditional routine, and don’t live or do everything for and with your partner.

When he/she feels that you are less in demand then he/she will act and give you a little more. However if your partner or any other person becomes aware that you are expecting something , that you are doing it only for him/her then no effort will be made!

#3. Less sex to make him/her react

I must confess that this is advice that is more for women than for men.

react in relationship

Why? Because I find this problem in 80% of women. If you give a man what he wants when he doesn’t take enough initiative when he doesn’t make you happy enough, how can you make him change? It’s not a lack of love, it just makes sense.

You give him the impression that he is perfect and therefore he doesn’t change, and this is so in any area of life.

If you’re always in your comfort zone, it’s impossible to evolve.

#4. Make your time together even more exciting!

No, this last piece of advice doesn’t go against the others!

Remember, I didn’t say anything about breaking up or revenge. The goal is not to set a chill between you. It’s about being less in demand, more new, less routine. In a one-way love, the tendency is not to change. You are content with what you have.

From now on, I want you to be less in demand and more in seduction, more in complicity. Having an original date is worth all the messages in the world. Doing so while putting a distance between you will help you.

Bottom Line 

I therefore invite you, dear readers, to comment on this article so that you can give your opinion on it and also to share your experiences in order to help those who are in need, those who face a problem of one sided love. Don’t forget to apply the four tips we just shared and we will love to hear how thing ended up. 

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