How to gain trust back in a relationship after lying, ways to win your partner back & fix a relationship


 Relationships are tough, and nothing is tougher than trying to win back your partner after an argument, disagreement, or betrayal. Add on top of that a time when you or your partner may have violated one another’s trust. When it comes to getting trust back for either you or your partner, there are a few things to keep in mind;

  • is being together really what you both want?
  • Will getting back together lead to positive outcomes?
  • Do you and your partner both want to reconcile?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then your relationship may be salvageable! 

How to gain trust back after lying/ being lied to

            This one is two sides of the same coin, and unfortunately for many of us, we have had the experience of being on either end of the lying game. When it comes to convincing your partner you can be trusted, honesty is the best policy. Being honest with your partner, not keeping secrets, but also respecting your partner’s boundaries are good ways to start building trust back up. The same goes for building trust when your partner has lied to you. It is important to consider the lie and why your partner has chosen to lie to you. What was their motivation, and was the truth something you think they should have hidden from you? It is also important to understand that trust is the foundation of a good relationship, but things like controlling a partner’s social media, personal devices, and bank accounts are not appropriate to take control of for either partner and can lead to an intense lack of trust. 

How to trust again after being cheated on

Ways to win your partner back & fix a relationship

 As with many of the pieces of advice in this article, some serious soul is searching required when it comes to making your next move or progressing the relationship further (or not). When it comes to cheating, things like sincerely apologizing, honesty, openness, and a commitment to respect one another are all needed to salvage a relationship. Don’t be afraid to seek out the advice of family, trusted friends, or mental health professionals. Being cheated on or being the partner who has cheated are both physically and mentally contorting experiences. The shame of cheating and the humiliation and hurt from being cheated on are issues that will take time, a great deal of patience, and a ton of forgiveness to mend wounds properly. Don’t rush to reenter a relationship with your partner. And certainly, consider the circumstances that transpired when your partner decided to cheat. These will all lead to a better understanding of the situation and one another.

How to fix a relationship after lying

           Fixing a relationship after lying cannot be undone with a simple “sorry”. Show your partner your commitment to not make the same mistake again, demonstrate openness, honesty, and a willingness to communicate, change, and grow. 

How to save a relationship

            Sometimes two partners love each other but feel that their relationship is going in the wrong direction or needs help. This isn’t unusual or uncommon and luckily there is professional counseling that partners can seek out to help fix their relationship. But there are also ways to begin the healing process for both partners. Communication, real, honest, thorough, communication can solve a lot of problems in any relationship. Listening, truly listening to your partner, and having them listen to and respect you back can also help to assuage problems before they come, diffuse problems from becoming bigger, or help to reconcile after problems have gotten out of hand. And with many of the other pieces of advice on our list, sincere apology, openness, and the real intent and desire to rebuild are all necessary and helpful pieces of the puzzle, too. 

Kiss and make up

Marriage fix a relationship

          Relationships don’t have to be rocket science! And when you and your partner practice some of these tips and tricks together then many of the problems on our list become further and further insight for you and your partner. Remember that relationships are between two people, not one. Consider if you or your partner are showing one another respect. Are you both listening to one another? Also, Are you both communicating properly? Are you letting your partner know your needs and when and where they may be making you uncomfortable or feel unsafe? How about your partner? Do they feel safe, secure, and happy with you? Try to be certain that questions and concerns like these are being answered and met. Relationships can be tricky to navigate, but not impossible. And a little respect, honesty, and openness go a long way!


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