How to go from friends to dating: Secrets men should know about girls


She is cute, pretty, mannered, lovable, and the list goes on and on… This happens when you fall in love with the girl. Everything about her looks like out of the world, and the feeling that she’s different than others compel you to make a move on your friend. But wait, hang on. How to go from friends to dating – a thought that disturbs your sleep at night, and unexplainable signals from her make you confused and senseless. No worries, here are expert opinions presented – after the extensive study of girls’ psychology related to the relationship. Let’s get started without any further due! 

Why aren’t you together? 

Perhaps you’re the best friends, and it’s been months/years, but why this thought (to express your love or feelings) didn’t come before? Important to figure out the answer before making a move on your friend. If you just go to express your feelings (the ones are senseless and come out of panic), you’ll lose the friend – a friend who is most important for you! So a sensible approach is essential because stakes are high and you can’t afford a missed shot! 

Dig deep for the right answer, and don’t get afraid from the reality. Yes, maybe she’s not interested in you, that’s why you’re not together. If this is the case, there is no need to become “Davdas” right away. After all, you were not interested in her before as well! 

What to do if she’s not interested or sending mix signals? 

Before making a move on your friend, make sure that she’s available. Also, consider that she might be unsure about you, that’s why you see different behaviors at different times. In this case, don’t go heroic (like I’ll bring the stars for you), rather show your true character. Polish and show what’s best in you, and gradually start admiring her qualities. Watch out if she blushes, plays with her hairs, or doing something which she doesn’t do usually while you’re admiring her. If she does something like this, don’t go all over by considering it the acceptance. Wait and see whether she asks to spend more time with you, laughs more, and feels comfortable around you. If this happens, hey, your plan is working! 

How to go from friends to dating – final steps 

finally go from friends to dating

Once you’re confirmed about your feelings, this is the time to start expressing it. Wait, don’t put the cheap sentences out there (you look *** bomb or I can’t live without you). Appreciate her qualities, and make her feel exceptional about herself. Note: Admire her qualities, not the things. You can say “this dress looks stunning on you”, rather saying “this dress is stunning”. Plus, more importantly, listen, listen, and keep doing it until she finishes. Don’t dictate and start advising right away. 

After that, when you’ll build the trust and show your intend, express your feelings in the right way and with right emotions. 

You can say (note you don’t have to say it exactly): 

“For the last few nights, I have been thinking about us. I believe we both can complete the other half of our soles, and I’ll make you happy and love you forever. I’ll be your man, would you be my girl?” 

Things to do and avoid before and after making a move on your friend 

You expressed what you had to say, this is the time to listen. Don’t keep going like “I love you, I’ll make you happy, what’s the problem and… …” The silence makes you uncomfortable, but watch out the expressions. If she needs time or goes away, don’t chase her at that time. Wait for her response, and when she responds, accept the way it is. And if she’s not ready to go from friends to dating, no need to hold yourself responsible. You’re a handsome, intelligent, and most importantly, lovable guy. This time, luck was not in your favor! 

If she says the magic word “yes”, in response of your feelings, then look at the sky. You’ll see the stars in day time, or moving stars at night if it’ll be the night timing (just joking). 

One more thing, and the most important one, when you look for the answer of “how to go from friends to dating”, don’t ask your friend to express your feelings on the behalf of you. Trust me, girls hate this. So take your luck in your hands, and be yourself rather being represented by someone else (even if the best friend). Now, good luck as you have got the top secrets to go from your friends to dating! 

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