Online friends are not real friends? Find out is making online friends good or bad


We’re in the 21st century, where the world is a global village. Yes, the whole world is in the gadgets. From mobile to a laptop – the whole world lives on these devices. The question is making online friends good or bad has become significantly relevant, because from online games to the social mediums – there is an opportunity to interact with the strangers. This growing interaction leads to solid friendships and even love, dating, and marriages as well! There are people, who believe, online friends are not real friends. Well, there are pros and cons to it. It depends on the person, if he’s genuine, he’ll be an honest and true friend – no matter in person or online. If you’re getting involved with someone, or plan to do online friendship, you need to know the pros and cons of online friendship.

Benefits of online friendship

You meet people from different countries and understand their perspective. Yes, you learn their cultures, even languages, and play online games with them, and chat when you’re feeling empty or annoyed from the surroundings. Plus, before talking that person, you can find mutual topics and check the similarities through the profile of the intended person. This is something hard to do in the offline world.

Another crucial thing, if you’re shy, then online friendship is the source for you to develop confidence for the offline world. It allows you to make online friends, share your opinions (that you can’t do in the offline world) and put away the shyness.

Dating is the core of online friendship, and the most fascinating aspect is that even your best friend doesn’t know about your secret affair. This gets attractive only if you’re doing with the real person on the other side! Isn’t?

Negatives of online friendship

Internet friends are not real friends

Again, the question becomes relevant “is making online friends good or bad?” Again, the answer is that it depends on the person to person. If the other person is genuine and is not taking advantage of the situation, who knows that your other better half can be found on the internet! Now, let’s see what if you meet with the fake online friend. A few folks claim that online friends are not real friends. The reasons are: They can vanish, take your secret information and blackmail, time pass, and you can’t know them properly because they’re not physically present. Also, there is an identity crisis as well, you can’t know the gender of other people if he/she is playing unfairly.

Online scamming is another factor, as fraudsters can take the complete advantage of your innocence and get the money in return. Plus, if you’re too attach to it, and someone betrays you, you can go in the depression. Yes, people, who attached to the internet world and forget the offline world, faced several psychological issues.

What’s the conclusion? Is making online friends good or bad?

There is no guarantee that offline, real friends will not betray you. However, the chances to get betrayed are increased in the online world, and that’s why many people think that online friends are not real friends. Despite all the cons, I believe online friendship is the need of the hour. Why should not we talk to the other person, who may be from a different country, have unique opinions, or got something significant that can change your life – in your favor? You’ll open up to the various issues, and learn new things. Plus, understanding human behaviors is the biggest part of the first century, and that can achieve with online friendships by having friends from all around the world.

Just in case, if you’re planning for dating, then online is not the best choice. On most of the dating sites, there are so many fake profiles and people – who know you meet with one of them, and later you feel disgusted? So to avoid that, just do online friendships and don’t share the extremely personal information. Else is good, you should communicate with the people, make friends throughout the world, and exchange the opinions! Yes, online friendship is real, but online dating is not the best option

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