How social media affects relationships


Since you registered on Snapchat or Facebook, tensions in your couple are more and more present? How can you preserve your relationship to avoid arguments and jealous outbursts while keeping in touch with your colleagues and friends? You’ll find out by reading this article!

Regardless of their classification, be it friendly, professional, family, or couple, social networks are taking on an increasingly important place in our daily lives and are adhering to the separation of our different circles of frequentation. With a few hundred million or even billions of users, they are revolutionizing themselves as communication tools and encouraging change.

Of course, these social networks allow followers to obtain many interests, but they also have many disadvantages and can be the source of discontent, especially in married life. Indeed, whether it is jealousy or fear, arguments due to the monitoring of one’s spouse’s account like for a person of the opposite sex or also because of real or perceived infidelities. The impact of social networks on the love relationship is real.

How Social Media Can Affect and Destroy Relationships 

 The main impact due to social networks in our sentimental life is first of all the perception of the environment within our couple. If the relationship is based on the trust of each one and is kept away from the wrath of jealousy, these social networks in question will not bring any problems within the relationshipNevertheless, it is true that if an “adversary” posts a message on your beloved’s wall, it can become annoying, especially for young couples who may care about this problem. On the other hand, for couples who have been living with a solid foundation for several years, this is obviously carefree and ridiculous.

Our main networks, such as Facebook or Whatsapp, expose the best ways and tools to monitor your spouse, whether it’s in the news feed, likes, last connections, our tags, etc… All these cases are subject to the attention of others. For example, a compliment in a comment to a person of the opposite sex can lead to jealousy of the partner and vice versa. 

Even if these virtual acts seem futile and without repercussions on our real life, we still unconsciously give too much importance to them.

How social media affects relationships

Ironically, the real danger is often invisible, hidden, or erased. Obviously, if your spouse uses a “special” relationship with a virtual friend. He/she will be aware of his/her actions and will be ingenious and vigilant enough to leave no trace in the logic.

In the end, whether it is the analysis of one’s spouse’s account, jealousy, virtual infidelities, the impact on the couple’s life is at stake… But how far can it go?

A few couples have found a ploy to try and remove the worries of jealousy and espionage by opening a joint account. By doing so, it’s as if they agreed to become “one” in a certain way. But in the end, is it really healthy for them? 

How to save your couple from the Negative effect of social networks?

In order to use these social networks without “hurting” your loved one. I believe it is essential to explain to her/him concretely what they bring you. The goal is to define, in agreement with his or her half, limits or rules in order to avoid coming across an unpleasant surprise, which would later put the couple’s trust in you again. It is therefore time to install a good communication within your couple in order to discuss your feelings.

It is also important to remember that empathy will help reduce your spouse’s blockages and thus demonstrate to him or her that your feelings are real in defiance of your enthusiasm for social networks and your way of disconnecting from the real world.

On the other hand, if someone approaches you (via social networks) with the aim of seducing you. I advise you to remain strict in order to prevent this kind of circumstance from evolving and getting worse. Talk about it with your partner in order to keep this line of trust and avoid losing an important relationship.

Here are some additional tips to help you stop putting your relationship at risk because of social networks.

#1. Stop comparing

Social network overemphasize

One of the dangers pointed out by the professional is the jealousy/envy one can feel when seeing certain positions.

Jealous of the relationships you see online can make you question your own. Numerous studies have shown that heavy users of social networks are twice as likely to be dissatisfied with their relationships as people who use them less.

#2. Don’t overemphasize social networks

Some couples may argue about the frequency of the shifts they do in relation to each other. If one couple posts a picture of the couple every day and the other never does, it can lead to frustration. Does he/she love me as much as I really like him/her? Nevertheless, you will need to do not forget that not everybody makes use of social networks in the same manner. It may simply be that one of the two partners is not very talkative on the net or that he/she prefers to use Facebook only to chat, not to publish statuses. Remember, it’s what happens in private that counts!

#3. Remember what love really is…

Love is not measured by the number of likes or the beauty of a picture on Instagram but is lived out on a daily basis. Some photos seen on the internet can give people unrealistic expectations about what love really is. They suggest an ideal way to be loved (by getting perfect flowers on a perfect beach). But, of course, it’s the small gestures of everyday life that are true signs of love. Like the fact that your partner will help you prepare food, clean the house, put the kids to bed, or make you laugh with a ridiculous joke. These are the kinds of moments that don’t result in perfect pictures but mean a lot.

#4. Drop your phone (and social networks) for a romantic moment.

Become romantic ignoring phone

One of the dangers of social network addicts is that they may spend more time on their phone than with their partner. To avoid this, allow yourself some time without social networks. You will really enjoy your relationship if you focus on your partner rather than your phone.


In conclusion, I will recommend the following: start by taking stock of your relationship so that you can vigorously analyze the impact these social media are having on your relationship. If you are in need, don’t hesitate to seek help or talk about it.

I, therefore, invite you, dear readers, to comment on this article so that you can give your opinion on it and also to share your experiences in order to help those in need.

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