How to make internet friends


  The worldwide web is a fascinating and interesting place. What a time to be alive in this age of high-speed internet. Not just on the computer, but on our phones, and several other devices as well. In the blink of an eye, you can find movies, shows, order lunch, send gifts, check your bank account, apply for jobs, and even make some new friends. The internet, and social media in particular feature apps, sites, platforms, and everything else under the sun to make and meet new friends and to gain a real following too, if that’s your goal when it comes to your internet experiences. So without further ado, let us explore ways we can start growing our social network today!

How to make friends online

  The internet is a weird, wild, and exciting place. And while some social graces we would practice in real-life don’t apply or are as salient, others still carry as much weight, but what are they? Things like being courteous, allowing your potential new friends’ privacy to stay private, and also not assuming things from your potential new friends‘ pictures are all good ways to make friends in a way that will be meaningful. Some users like to use profile pictures that may or may not be them. 

          Respect their choices when it comes to their pictures, and know when it is better to not comment on certain pictures they may post. Try not to assume a user’s gender, and when it comes to dating and seeking a potential romantic partner, playing it safe by sticking to dating apps only or good-old-fashioned real-life interactions are better choices. This will save you and some potential new friends some headaches and maybe even heartaches, too. But assuming you want to make some new internet friends, it can be as easy as joining groups on social media platforms like Facebook. Do you like a certain topic or genre of music? Search out some groups and don’t be shy to post in the group’s chat. But just like in real life, be respectful and know when and what to delete, ignore, or not respond to. No use arguing on the internet!

How to make friends on Instagram

          Ahhh Insta, that new(ish) and happening social media platform graced by influencers of all types. To make friends on Instagram begin by sharing a bit about yourself. Post your own pictures, things you are interested in, places you want to visit or see, or anything else that tells the world who you are and what you like. Don’t share too much of course! If you wouldn’t want your parents or grandparents to see it, maybe don’t post it! The same goes for personal information like your address, contact details, or other things that could pose a security risk for you. Updating your story and posting regularly are all passive ways to gain new friends, while liking, following, and responding to other people’s stories are great ways to gain some new friends in a more active way. 

          Try to find people who show similar interests to you. Who knows, you may be able to even meet and hang out in real life! If this is the case perhaps send them a nice private message and even suggest meeting with a group of other individuals with similar interests too. Some users may not want to be friends with you for their own personal reasons, and in this case please respect their choices and do not become insistent or angry with them. 

           This is especially true if you are a guy contacting a female user. Women have the right to post on Insta and other platforms without being harassed by other users, so be certain to show respect a. Female users do not have to respond and certainly do not have to meet people they are uncomfortable with. Do not send them any messages that are not appropriate or sexual in nature. But aside from this, make a profile, post some cool pictures, and see who is out there to share their interests with you!

How to make friends on Facebook

          For many of us on the internet today, Facebook was our first social media platform. And for many of us, it still is, or at least among a few different platforms out on the worldwide web. Facebook made making friends easy, and still certainly does so today, too. Just like with Insta, to get the ball rolling when it comes to making new friends, first, make your profile. Be honest but also know when to show some discretion in regards to what you post, what you share, what you “like” or “react” to. 

          But assuming you are posting, liking, and sharing only some cool stuff, then just like Insta, you may begin to get some friend requests and followers by simply being you! To seek out more friends, first, friend people you know in real life. From there, see the “people you may know” section to view a list of other individuals who may share a few mutual friends. Usually, it is nice to message a potential new friend first, but with Facebook, these messages can sometimes be lost or blocked. 

          In that case, try friending someone new and see what happens! From there you can send them a Facebook message and interact with their photos, story, and other posts. Be as polite and courteous as you would be in real life. If they post things you don’t like or don’t agree with, rather than argue or fight with them why not try blocking, unfollowing, or even unfriending them? There’s nothing wrong with that! Another keen way to make some new friends on Facebook is by joining and following groups that you are interested in. 

            As mentioned above, do you like a certain genre of music or a band? Follow their group page. Here you can interact with other users and potential new friends who may like to get to know you more and in some cases even meet in person. Always show a little discretion when meeting new people from the internet, though. Try to meet during the daytime, in public spaces, and in a group, with other people you know in real life and can trust if possible. Don’t give new friends too much personal information, and just like on Instagram, don’t assume people’s pictures give you the right to say or demand inappropriate, uncomfortable things from them!

The worldwide web

           The internet can be a fun and exciting place! And there’s no reason you can’t make some new friends along the way, too! So get out there, make some keen profiles, and let the socializing begin. They don’t call it social media for anything!


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