Fake Friends: The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Fake Friends


We come across a lot of people in life but dealing with fake friends is one of the difficult tasks to do. They can exhaust you mentally and physically without letting you know their true intentions. If you think you have fake friends around you then this guide has everything you need to know to deal with them the right way.

1. How to Spot Fake Friends

Fake friend Spotting

No matter how clever we are, certain hidden things in life take lots of time and effort to get revealed. One of them is spotting a fake friend out of all. There are people around you who pretend to be loyal but from the inside, they were never faithful to you. But wait! We can’t let them fool you in any way!

Here is the ‘how to spot fake friends’ guide. So if you doubt you have a fake friend around you spot that friend with the help of these signs.

  • They ditch you easily to join the company of someone more interesting. They never care if you are talking to them about something important, if something else catches their attention, they leave the conversation without saying much to be with someone else.  
  • They prefer talking about themselves and do not have time to ask ‘how’s life man’. Their self-centered conversation consists of who they met yesterday, what they bought today, and which place they will visit tomorrow.
  • They will most probably find them around you when they need your help. On the contrary, when it is time to return the favor, you will see them sneaking out.
  • They talk behind your back. If they are talking bad about another friend with you, then there are high chances that they talk bad about you with them as well. This is the reason you’ll not find them having real friends.

2. How to Handle Fake Friends

Handling Fake friends

Once you have spotted your fake friend ‘the snake’ move ahead to handle their tactics carefully. To find ‘how to handle fake friends’ read the expert tips below:

  • The first and foremost thing you must do is distance yourself. It is better to stay away from those who cause more harm than good. Do not provide them a weapon (a secret) to use against you later. They don’t deserve your true friendship.
  • If they bad mouth you, do not do the same. This will make you no different from them. People will find out their true colors eventually. So, smile back whenever you encounter them and move ahead without paying much attention.
  • Stop putting in the effort to keep the friendship. You do not have to waste your time and effort over something that is not worth it. Instead, use this time in creating memories with those who care about you.
  • Stop hanging out together or even doing any other thing that you used to do together. It is better to spend time with yourself than spending time with a fake friend.

3. How to Get Rid of Fake Friends

rid of fake friends

Now that you have spotted and are handling your fake friend the right way, it is time to get rid of them finally. Read these steps to find out ‘how to get rid of fake friends’.

  • Let them know how you feel about them. Tell them you do not want to keep this friendship anymore. Free yourself from this one-sided friendship because keeping them is like giving yourself a slow poison.
  • Have a sane conversation for the last time before getting rid of them. Tell them to know why you have been unhappy with this friendship.
  • If your snake friend does not digest whatever you have said about ending the friendship and talks rudely or immaturely then ignore their behavior because talking back is like casting pearls before swine. Let them know that their mean words do not matter to you anymore.
  • Now, ta-da! You have finally crossed the door that leads to a place where you can have more space to breathe. You have closed the door that leads to poisonous people.

5. How to Get Over Fake Friends

The last and final step is to get over fake friends. It might look difficult initially but after reading the following tips on ‘how to get over fake friends’ you will realize that you have actually saved yourself from getting damaged due to a fake friendship.

  • Do not hold grudges and anger in the heart. Know that people come and go in life. Not all of them are meant to stay. Only those who value you should have a place in your heart and mind, not someone who uses you for their needs.
  • Give yourself some time then move on and make new friends. You do not have to be with a lot of people to be happy, only a single loyal friend who is always beside you is all you need to be happy.
  • Surround yourself with those who value you. They do not want you when they need help, they are there for you when you need any assistance.

The Bottom Line

make good trustable friends

With this ultimate guide to ‘how to deal with fake friends’, you can see that it is not as hard as it may see to spot and then get rid of a fake friend. Remember that it is always better to have one true friend than having a bunch of fake friends.

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