How to Help a Friend Through a Breakup? 5 Solid Ways to Comfort Them


Going through a breakup can be challenging but seeing your friend going through it when you don’t have a firsthand experience is a different thing. If you have not gone through a breakup then chances are you don’t exactly know what your friend is feeling now. But that does not matter here. No. All that matters is you are around them when they need a shoulder to cry on and the company of someone who values them.

So if you are confused about ‘how to cheer someone up after a breakup’ or ‘what breakup advice to give’ then roll in to find out the best ways.

How to Cheer Someone up After a Breakup

We have collected the 5 most practical and solid ways to answer ‘how to cheer someone up after a breakup’ so that you can help your friend come out of this situation sooner than later.

1. Let Them Vent

After a breakup, your friend will be on an emotional rollercoaster so be there with them when they are looking for some breakup advice. Their heart is heavy due to losing someone they were planning to spend their future with so listen patiently to whatever they have in mind. Do not talk bad about their ex even if they do that. Their wound is fresh so it will still hurt their feelings no matter how much they pretend they don’t care. Let them know you are always there to listen to them. 

2. Don’t be Impatient – Let Them Heal at Their Own Pace

Let breakup heal

Any person going through a breakup will take a unique time period to get healed. Based on several factors like how strong they are emotionally or what the duration of their relationship was, this time can vary from person to person. It will test your patience but every time you find yourself getting impatient. Remind yourself that your friend needs proper healing otherwise the wrongly treated wounds may open soon.

3. Suggest Some Distractions

Distractions can greatly help you keep your friends away from drowning themselves in the sea of their emotions ‘again and again’. They will keep thinking about the same thing without knowing so take them on a shopping spree. Go attend a concert, eat ice cream, and watch your favorite movie or a football game together. While trying to distract them don’t overdo it. If your friend denies your offer do not push them.

4. Offer Them Help for Day-to-Day Tasks

Though your friend is not physically active these days, as they are spending more of their time in their head, it can drain a lot of their energy. So if they forget buying groceries, doing laundry or paying bills then do these chores for them as they are emotionally unstable to do the tasks on their own. 

Help friends for day to day task

5. Help Them Emerge as a Better Person

When they have stabilized a bit, remind them what their strengths are and how this breakup has made them a better and stronger person. Acknowledge their strength for enduring such difficult times and still having a smile on their face. Let them bring a change in their selves or their surroundings, like getting a trendy haircut or changing their room’s setting can feel really refreshing.

What to Say to Someone Going Through a Breakup

Now, this is very important what breakup advice you give your friend and what else you say. Because you can’t afford to hurt your broken friend’s feelings more. Here are some of the dos and don’ts you must keep in mind when you are trying to figure out ‘what to say to someone going through a breakup’.

What to say to a breakup friend
  • It is OK to grieve over a broken relationship.” It is natural to feel sad or depressed when things do not go the way you have planned.
  • Its OK to cry your heart out.” Keeping emotions inside will make the healing period longer. So tell them to cry and share their feelings with you.
  • This is a temporary phase of life. You will heal eventually.” If your friend is drowning in their emotions tell them this is a part of life that will mold their personality into someone better.
  • You are stronger than you think.” Your friend may start finding flaws in them due to a failed relationship. So remind them how strong they are to stand up for themselves in a relationship (if it was a toxic relationship).
  • I knew that you deserve someone better from the start.” or “There are many seeking your attention.” This is not what your friends need to hear when they are not even over their past relationship.
  • Couldn’t you do what they wanted you to do?” Do not try to be a relationship guru when you are not. So do not give a piece of breakup advice that will do more harm than benefit.

Ending Thoughts

Hardest walk is walking alone

The two most difficult things when someone is going through a breakup are ‘how to cheer someone up after a breakup’. And ‘what to say to someone going through a breakup.’ With the ways and tips mentioned above, you can help your friend deal with a breakup. Remember that it is not your job to completely fix it. You are only doing what is in your hands.

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