It can be hard not to break up with someone, and if you don’t text that person, it can become even more challenging. Whether it is a casual check-in, a drunk test, or a happy birthday message, it is easier to say that you severe all types of communication with your ex, but it will be adamant in practical. Force of habit is one of the main reasons that can make it difficult not to text your ex, especially after a breakup.

If you are accustomed to texting your ex that you would learn to end this particular behavior, you must be wondering how to not text him after a breakup because it is undoubtedly quite tricky but not impossible. There are a few strategies that you will find very helpful to prevent texting your ex by just keeping an idea in mind that behaviors, thoughts, and emotions are linked together.

Better to text it out on your notes

The primary purpose of texting is that you have different things to say and get them off your chest. When you keep these in, you will start feeling that these will suffocate you. Therefore, instead of looking for ‘how to not text your ex app,’ you can go to the notes section of your cell phone and text anything that you would like there.

You can write the text as if you will be sending it, but you will not be sending it in reality. Keep in mind that your ex’s number will be deleted or blocked anyway, as it will be reducing your temptation. The main idea of this particular task is to process your emotions and thoughts and get them off your chest.

how to not text your ex after a breakup

Have a workout

Exercise is known to be nature’s painkiller, and when your body is being put to text, your brain produces neurochemicals known as endorphins. These will be giving you feelings of well-being and euphoria and highlight your brain’s reward sector. With exercise, you can feel good and understand how to not call him after a breakup.

Rather than being a destructive one, exercising is a healthy habit that can benefit your mind as well as body. Therefore, whenever you start to feel crappy, the best way is to drop your phone and pick a dumbbell. This way, you can quickly burn off your temptation and frustration.

Text your friend or a family member

There is always someone among your friends or family members that you turn towards when times get tough for you. This particular individual will love you and will always be there for you, so instead of talking to someone who doesn’t care, it is better to talk to the one who does.

When you discuss your situation with that person, it will be like a therapy session for you, but you need to change the topic after some time. You can try to find out what is happening in their world or start making some plans, but the idea should be to shift the focus. Keep in mind that if you are feeling down regarding your ex, you are giving him power over your life, so it is better to think about other things in your life.

text friend or a family member

Head outdoors

Heading outdoors might be less about the activity, but the greenery and fresh air can be very helpful for you. There is no doubt that nature can be a great mood booster, and you need to know the impact and also its benefits. You will notice that sometimes all you need is to get out in the outdoors.

There is a power of silence after break up. Therefore, the key is to leave your phone at home or change it into flight mode. When you switch off the phone to get rid of all the distractions, you will notice a very light feeling, and it will be a significant change for you.

Have a remember list

A remember list is the one that helps you to keep all of the notes in order to remind you of any of the things that you like to hear, especially if you want to text your ex. There are times when people look back through the rose-tinted glasses and start to miss the best bits of their relationship, and pushing this out can be pretty tricky at times.

If you think that ‘should I text my ex after 6 months, you can pull the wool from the eyes and start using your remember list. There are no specific rules of a remember list, and you need to write down all the main reasons why your ex wasn’t the right person for you. You need to remember all these things, especially if you are in a low state.


You need to deal with some thirst if you will be using a well for comfort, and that well gets dry suddenly. In order to understand how to not text him after a breakup, you need to keep in mind that it can take some time for you to get used to your everyday life without texting your ex. If you again walk to your ex and try to make contact, you basically siphon off your energy to look for any new life experiences. Keep in mind that time can do wonders for your broken heart; you need to be patient and use a few methods to make things easy for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to stop contacting your ex after a breakup?

After a breakup, you need to practice a lot of self-care and try to avoid looking for your ex, even on social media. This will undoubtedly make your healing process more manageable. Try to share your journey with someone who gets your point.

  • Can I text my ex sometime after a breakup?

Generally, things don’t work very well in a breakup, so it is better to avoid texting your ex. If things have ended cordially, then you can text your ex a few days after the breakup, but always try to keep things within a limit and get on with your life slowly.

  • Is texting your ex considered cheating?

You need to think twice if you would like to send messages and get in touch with your ex. Although emotional bonds formed between you and your ex can complicate things, if you are with somebody else currently, then you should keep in mind that you are already cheating.

  • Should you text your ex that you miss them?

Your ex might be happy that both of you aren’t together; therefore, if you text your ex that you miss them, you make him think you want him back. Although you will consider it to be a nice gesture to melt their heart, in reality, he will go further away from you.

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