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It can be pretty painful to watch someone going through a breakup because it is just like going through it yourself, and things can get more complicated if it’s your guy friend who goes through all this. Luckily though, you don’t need to feel that powerless if you are to help your friend, because on the one hand, he may have lost a significant source of support, but on the other hand, he has you.

If you see your male friend going through a breakup and is heartbroken, then you must be thinking about how to help a guy friend through a breakup because he might be fixated on the ex, and it must be getting hard for him to move on with his life. As a friend, your aim would be to help him through this painful time and heal him by being supportive and available all the time for him. The following are valuable tips that can surely make you help your male friend with the breakup.

Encourage him to talk to you

The best you can do for a male friend who is going through a breakup is to encourage him to talk to you. It will be wonderful if he cries to you, laughs with you, or any other way through which he can express all his feelings to you.


If you think about how to help someone through a breakup over text, even one text can be constructive as he might be feeling totally isolated. He may start to think that people judge the amount of time that he spends grieving. So, when he has a friend who accepts him and encourages him, he will have a lot of words to say to a friend after a breakup, and your company will be precious to him.

Go for an activity that he enjoys

People tend to heal by doing different activities with their friends and not by just discussing the breakup. You can spend an afternoon with the buddy by going fishing, playing paintball, or just playing the football game that can make him cheer.

Even if you are a long-distance friend, you must be wondering how to help a long distance friend with a breakup; a man who goes through a breakup loves to participate in an activity that he enjoys. This way, he can rise above his negative feelings, and this can be helpful for him to heal.

You have to be there for him

As compared to the girls, guys can have a much harder time dealing with the emotions, and therefore, they can become overwhelmed. Usually, they can react by withdrawing and shutting down in an emotional way. 

You need to reach out to your male friend and let him know that you are there for him. Try to show him that you care about him and you are thinking of him by calling him, sending an email, or just texting. You can offer the best advice for someone going through a breakup, and you will see that he will open up all his feelings in front of you.

It would be quite helpful if you encouraged him to avoid contact with the Ex

Loss of communication and interaction is considered to be one of the most challenging aspects of breaking up. If you are thinking about how to help a guy friend through a breakup, you need to encourage him to cut all his ties and communication ways to the ex.


If your guy friend tries to reach out to his ex, it can only make him feel bad about himself in the long run. You can suggest your friend called you when feeling stressed, or any other friend who he feels comfortable calling, text or even sent an email.

Tell him to be patient

It takes time and can be pretty frustrating to get over a breakup. The best way is to encourage your friend to be patient when he is going through the healing process, and this is how to help a friend through a breakup.

By being there for him all the time and helping him through the healing process, you will notice that he will start feeling himself again within just a few months. Therefore, in this time, you have to keep on encouraging him to take care of himself and not to make any big decisions regarding his future.


Whether you see your guy friend crying on the floor after his breakup or very quiet at breakfast than he usually is, then being intentional about the way that you will be approaching the healing process can go quite a long way. If you are confused about how to help a guy friend through a breakup, the most important thing for you is to keep in mind that support can indeed be a source of positivity for him because he will be going through a gloomy period of his life.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of ways through which you can help your friend who is going through a breakup. You can encourage him to talk to you openly, try to be the voice of reason, and make him find his own path so that he can move on with his life and forget everything.

  • How do you comfort your guy friend when he is stressed?

You need to be available to him and listen to everything he says in a patient way. You can even offer to do something for him so that he can be distracted. Keep him busy with any social activity, and even a quick run for a few minutes can be enough to make him relaxed.

  • How to advise your guy friend to move on with life?

When you validate the feelings of your friend, then you are able to work through them and make them move on with their life. You must tell him that it is normal to be upset and explain to him that you will always be there to listen to him. The best thing for anyone is to have someone listen to you so that you are able to talk your way through the sadness.

  • What should you be getting for a friend after his breakup?

There are a few gifts that can make your best friend feel that you care about him. This includes a weighted blanket that can give a feeling of a giant hug, a human body pillow that can be quite a big spoon, and a journal for him to look at the bright side of everything.

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