How often do you text in a new relationship? Rules of dating texting


Okay, the relationship has just got started, and you’re wondering to text her/him or not. Just in case, if he/she will ask you that why did you not send the text, the answer is ready and cooked! Yeah, the same answer which everyone has: “I don’t like texting, or if you don’t hear from me, it does not mean I’m not interested in you”. Honestly, these are lame excuses and don’t work anymore. There is a rule, named unspoken window of 48 hours. If you’re starting in the relationship, and there is no text in between you after the interaction, and the window of 48 hours has gone. Then, alarm bells are buzzing. It means that you’re ending the relation right now, after the first or second interaction. So the rules of dating texting demand that you should send the message (specifically if you’re a guy).

What should you text him or her?

Well, the common question is what I should send. Do you know that if you show interest in the personality of other people, you can win the heart of that person? So simple hi, or message like “I enjoyed hanging with you, would like to meet again on the coming weekend?” this type of message will do the job, and you complete the rules of dating texting. And if you’re a girl, there is nothing harm in it if you send the text before him. Yeah, it’s alright. Just ask about the day, or simply write: It was nice to meet you, hope to catch you up soon! That’s it, that’s all it takes!

What if there is no communication/texting after the initial interaction

If you don’t get back to one another, it is interpreted that you’re not interested anymore, or the feeling that why should I have to do everything in the relationship. Hang on, if you’re thinking in this way, you’re moving in the wrong direction. If you’re the one, who sends the message at first, that means you’re social and communicative. This is brilliant quality. So now you don’t have to think about how often do you text in a new relationship. According to the rules of dating texting, send the text within 48 hours. In another way, try to start a conversation if you’re feeling enthusiastic. You can ask about the day or any particular event. Pro tip: Discuss something related to his or her personality, like what did you do in the function? The more you take interest in her or his personality, the more you’re grabbing the attention of other people.

What if you don’t like to start a relation?

Texting when don’t like to start a relation

If you don’t like to proceed with the relationship, that’s fine. However, you decide that you’ll not respond to the text – this is not fine. Everyone has feelings, and when you don’t reply, the feelings of another person get hurt. So it’s better to refuse lightly, or excuse by saying that “I might hear from you from time to time, but it’s difficult to communicate regularly”.

I’m not a good communicator, what should I do?

Well, there is no excuse in the 21st century, where communicating through texting or messaging is almost essential. So if you’re not a good communicator, you need to enhance your skills for the sake of rules (yeah rules of dating texting).

Also, if you’re looking to refuse or want to express that you’re not a good communicator, do it in a way that other people will not feel you’re just avoiding and not interested anymore. Be careful, specifically when you’re starting in the relationship. I wish you a piece of good luck, and don’t forget to follow the rules of dating texting! 

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