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Dogs are intelligent creatures, and these days, they are mostly known to be companions rather than workers. No matter what the weather is, dogs need exercise. If they cannot get enough activity, they create their own activities, which may include chewing out anything, from books to shoes. 

Some days, the weather might be rainy, and you won’t be seeing any sunshine. If you are thinking about how to entertain your dog in the comfort of home, then there are numerous actions that you can do indoors, as these can keep your canine physically and mentally in shape. The following are a few entertainment ideas that might be helpful regarding how to entertain your dog on a rainy day.

Play hide and seek

Playing hide and seek with your beloved pet is excellent and one of the best ways to keep it busy and entertained. It will be great if you play it with at least two people. This way, one person will give the dog a cue to sit and stay, whereas the other will go and hide. This is undoubtedly an excellent way of knowing how to entertain your dog for hours.

When you are ready and hide somewhere in the house, then your dog can start looking for you. This game can work in a perfect manner both indoors as well as outdoors. Therefore, it could be a fun way for you and your dog to spend a rainy afternoon without getting bored.

Make them find hidden treats

It can be an excellent game for the mind and body of your dog to teach it to find hidden treats, using only the nose. You can start with something simple so that your dog can clearly understand the game and doesn’t get discouraged right from the beginning. This way, you will know how to entertain a dog home alone.

It would help if you made the dog sit, hide the treat or its favorite toy in some prominent place, and then make him find it. Later on, you can make it more complicated once the dog starts to understand the game. It would be great if you let your pup investigate the home and then offer a reward when he finds the treasure. You can discover different variations to this particular game so that you can be more creative.


Teach them new tricks

If you want to keep your furry friend mentally active even if you are stuck at home on a rainy day, then you can work on training your dog or some new tricks. This will make you understand how to entertain your dog inside because training the pup to do different tricks needs physical skill exercises for both the mind and body. Therefore, whether you are planning to teach any new tricks or the basic commands, you should try not to push the dog’s abilities as this could make it tired in no time.

Go for food dispensing toys

In order to keep your dog stimulated, entertained, and happy, the food dispensing toys can surely be invaluable boredom busters. You can stuff these toys with a variety of treats that can fit the taste of your pup. This is one of the fun things to do with your dog at home, and you can find a number of food dispensing toys out there in the market.

These toys can sit upright until your dog pushes them with the paw, and it is able to get tasty rewards as the dispensing toy rolls and spins. This bouncy and natural rubber toy can indeed be an ideal indoor entertainment for those canines that would love to chew.

Make an indoor obstacle course

toy play

If you are trying to find ways regarding how to keep dog from being bored when home alone, then a great way is to create an obstacle course inside the home. You can have your pet jump over some towels, crawl under the table and even weave through the toys.

You need to use your imagination. Once the dog can understand how to jump over the towels and then go towards the toy weaves, this particular game will keep the mind and the body of your dog engaged for many hours.

Final Thoughts

Your dog requires both mental as well as physical stimulation on a daily basis. The stimulation entirely depends on age, breed, temperament, and health condition. If you want to know how to entertain your dog, you need to keep in mind that only the physical activity will tire the dog’s body and leave it energized, so you also need to engage it in mental activity. Any dog that lacks mental stimulation shows signs of unhappiness, and this can make it restless and hyperactive even at home.

dog play on rainy days

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can you do with a dog when it is raining outside?

There are a number of ways through which you can positively teach your dog even if it is raining outside. You can make an ice cube filled with treats, hide food games in different parts of the house, and even take turns with your neighbors.

  • Does a dog get lazy on a rainy day?

There is no doubt that temperature fluctuations, weather, and barometric pressure changes can affect a dog’s behavior. It can be pretty similar to the effect that weather can have on your energy level and mood.

  • Should you let your dog play in the rain?

It is not harmful to allow your canine to get wet in the rain because some dogs love water baths and would surely enjoy the rain. Rather than leaving your beloved pet in the building compound, you have the option of sticking to your balcony.

  • Is it possible that the dogs get bored staying at home all day?

Dogs do get bored, especially when they sit around all day and have nothing to do. You can try some puzzles and toys in order to keep your dog engaged. It is also worth noting that exercise can be helpful. This way, you can keep your dog happy and stimulated.

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