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How To Deal With Rejection From A Crush- 9 Life-Changing Tips

Rejection From A Crush

Are you struggling to get over your crush? Is rejection from a crush draining you? If yes, then this article will be life-changing for you. We’ve gathered some really useful tips about how to deal with the rejection.

Experiencing rejection is always hard but it gets tougher when someone you like or is your crush. Doubtlessly, it would be hurtful in the end as you were invested in that person. But this is how life works, not everything goes on as you wish. Being disheartened, angry, and upset is natural yet moving on is essential. When you will grow older you’ll realize why it happened. So, consider it a learning experience and become stronger.

So, without any further delay. Let’s dive in.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

‘I got rejected by my crush’, As harsh, it may sound, but denying it won’t change the reality.


Acknowledging that reality is everything. No doubt it would be painful for you to accept that. After all what other option do you have?

By acknowledging those feelings you provide them a way out. If you suppress those feelings instead of acknowledging them. They will come out in a worse form later. So, never try to ignore your feelings. Recognizing your feeling is a healthy act. It will help you release the negativity and feel better. Or else your health will destroy as anything that affects the mind also affects the body.

Don’t Force

Should I talk to my crush after rejection? The reply to this question is a big ‘NO’. What more do you expect from that person? Forcing yourself onto someone is not a good practice. And trust me it will make no difference except the person gets annoyed. Of course, that’s not what you aim for. Do you?

Stop chasing that person. Expecting him to accept you sometime later is useless. It’s real-life, not a fairytale. I am repeating: don’t ever try to impose yourself over that person. This will piss him off.

Accept The Rejection

My crush rejected me but I still like him. Is that what you think? If yes, then we would say you’re headed in the wrong direction. Understandably, it takes some time to get over your crush. But denying will bring no change in the situation.

If you keep following him, the other person will take you for granted. Then, why lose your value? You can’t change how the person feels about you. So, why waste your energy doing that. Just accept the rejection open-heartedly. Denial is equivalent to living in a fool’s paradise. Being hypersensitive to rejection can only lead to jealousy and negative reactions.

Distance Yourself

What to say if your crush rejects you over the text? If you’re being honest to yourself, then you would know that you couldn’t do anything. Other than distancing yourself from your crush. Indeed, it will be difficult for you. But distancing is the best option to go for. If you remain in touch with your crush, getting over him won’t be possible. You’ll continuously be thinking about them.

Distancing doesn’t mean that you should start hating him or get bitter towards him. Because if you do so, these negative feelings will in return damage your mental health too. So, take him as anyone else in the world and behave normally while keeping a distance from him.

Share feelings With Someone

How to handle rejection from a guy? If you’re broken from the rejection of a guy and don’t know what to do, then get a shoulder and cry. Yes, you read it right. Cry out the pain you have. It will help you get rid of the burden you’re carrying in your heart.

Share feelings

When you got a rejection, go to a person close to you. Whether that person belongs to your family or friends. Once you’ve shared your pain, you’ll feel light as you’ve let out your feelings. Here you need to consider one thing, that the person you are sharing with is sincere to you. Not someone who’s joking around later on.

Practice Self-Love

Self-love always plays a significant role in our lives. Especially when you’re feeling down after rejection. You need to give yourself extra care and attention. In other words, pamper yourself. Either it’s getting a warm shower, massage, getting a new haircut, or anything else that makes you happy. To add on you can do meditation or yoga. Self-compassion will make you strong mentally and emotionally.

Further, self-love will assist you to overcome sadness. Rejection also provides you a chance to improve yourself. Invest your time in yourself and become a better version of yourself.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

If you’re having a crush on someone, all you’re doing is obsessing over him. Looking for the chances to get closer to him. But once your crush rejects you, you feel like there’s no one left in this world. You’re alone here. However, the reality is the exact opposite. There’re many other relationships in our lives. We tend to ignore them while going after our crush.

Spend time with loved ones

Do you get the clue about how to deal with rejection from a crush? Yes, spending time with your loved ones. Nurture your relationships. It’s the best time, as you’ll cheer up by their support along with growing your bond with them. A study proves that social support acts as a buffer against stressful events. So, what to wait for? Go and spend time with the people you love.

Pursue Your Hobby

How to handle rejection from a girl? The solution to this problem is that a person engages himself somewhere else. So, your mind gets distracted and you’re not always thinking about the rejection. There are certain ways to do so. One of out of them is pursuing your hobby. It will not only get you involved but also gives you pleasure.

There’re a few things we had in our mind that we thought will carry out at a later stage. Although, we want to do those from the core of our hearts. Think this is the time for that. Just get started and have some fun by involving in some enjoyable activity.

Think From Other Person’s Perspective

Imagine someone has a crush on you and that person approaches you. You’re not interested in that person, what will you do? Of course, you’ll say no. Now the matter wasn’t how that person was rather it was about your interest. The same thing can happen with your crush when you say I got rejected by my crush. It’s not that he doesn’t like you, maybe he’s just not interested in you.

Think others perspective

Rejection isn’t easy to handle, but when you put your foot in another person’s shoe. You’ll get their perspective which makes it relatively easy to understand and accept the rejection without getting offended.

Wrapping Up

It’s natural to feel the pain after the rejection. However, a healthy response is to get out of this situation as soon as possible. To smoothen the process, tips shared in this article would be favorable. Still, if these tips are not working for you, then you need to consult a professional.

Are you going to try them out? Tell us by writing a comment below.

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