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How to deal with difficult people at work

difficult people at work

In life, you face many people, people that are easy to understand, that you can easily get together with, people that are great coworkers, companions whereas there are also people that are hard to understand, hard to work with. You may feel angry, confused and sad to be with them. So if you are looking for how to deal with difficult people at work this article is best for you.

This especially happens in workplaces where there are different people to work with. Some may be efficient, smart and kind whereas others frustrate you.

Over the years I have met many such people who were so annoying to work with. People who don’t turn in their work on time, people who are always late in meetings, people who mess things up at the last minute. I remember how frustrated it always felt, how annoying it was to be with them, to work with them until I realized that these people are everywhere no matter you are working on a certain project or in some meeting or an internship you can meet these people everywhere so instead of ruining your mood by getting mad on such people learn how to deal with difficult people at work.

So we have shared a few tips for you to deal with such people.

Stay Calm and relaxed

difficult people at work

Losing your temper on the other person and getting annoyed because of them is not a good way of making them do what you want, so you have to stay calm, composed and patient because that’s how to deal with difficult people at work. That’s how you can make them understand what you are expecting from them, what they need to do.

If you appear calm and composed people will respect your decisions more and they will show attention to what you are thinking and saying. That’s how you can make them work efficiently and be a role model for them.

Understand the person’s intentions

Sometimes you have to understand the other person as well, what’s making them perform less or what’s stopping their full potential. People don’t intentionally like to appear tough, they don’t like to mess things up intentionally so there must be something that’s bothering them, that’s triggering them. Be communicative, ask them, ask them if they are not getting your point or if they don’t agree with your opinion. Ask them their style of work, their way of doing things and if that can work with you encourage them and if you have to make some amendments do it properly and kindly.

Get their opinions

Don’t always impose your decisions on others listen to them as well, listen to their ideas it might bring a great sense of innovation in your work those who appear difficult might be very intellectual and brilliant minded people so understand them, appreciate their ideas make them feel heard give importance to what they believe so if you are looking for how to deal with difficult people at work so getting perspective of others is a great tip in this regard. Share your stories, ask them for theirs. You might get some golden ideas and golden advice this way. So always be open to ideas and experiences.

How to deal with difficult people at work

Make yourself clear

A great tip for how to deal with difficult people at work is to let them know your intentions. Reasons for why you are doing a certain thing. What’s the reason behind your words and actions.This way they can understand you much better.

Sometimes people are being resistant because they think that you are trying to be tough with them, you don’t value their decisions and choices so they act like difficult people. But they know your true intentions and they will get along with you very well, they will be happy to work with you and it will be easy to get them on board.

Build a good connection

With all the technology human connection is starting to fade. You can email, text message or call the other person but it can not take the place of face to face connection. So if you want to build good relations with your colleagues you need to spend more quality time with them, go for hangouts, go for lunch, dinner. Know about their hobbies, their choices, what they like and whatnot. Get to know them as friends, not just as your colleagues. This will go a long way in your professional life as well.

Treat the person with respect

No one likes to be disrespected or treated like they are not competent, capable or smark. So you have to treat your colleagues with respect. If you want to get along with them then treat them nicely, be kind to them and show them a lot of respect. Treat them the way you want to be treated, the way you like people to treat you. Treating them with respect will make them feel good about themselves and you so they will be more interested to work with you.


If you have tried your best, you could do all the above tips of how to deal with difficult people but still, they are not properly doing their work, they are creating difficulties for you then all you need to do is ignore them. Ignore all their actions so as not to let yourself be affected by their ignorant acts. Get going with your work, with your tasks.

Talk to higher authority

When everything else fails try contacting the higher authorities, informing them about the actions and careless attitude of your colleague because if you tried your best and still they are being problematic which is affecting your work then you have to inform some senior manager or authorities about such people. This will not interfere with reputation because you did everything that was in your hand so this is the last option left with how to deal with difficult people.


Can anyone face problematic people at work?

Yes anyone can have difficult people as their colleagues no matter at what stage of life you are in you can encounter such people in life.

Is it possible to get along well with such people?

Yes, it is possible to deal with difficult people, you just have to be calm and understand them. Above are the tips on how to deal with difficult people at work that will be helpful for you.

If you have done everything that’s in your hand and are still being arrogant then what should be the last step?

Contact the higher authorities.Discuss behavior of such people with them.

Is treating your colleagues with respect helpful?

Yes, treat them the way you wish to be treated. Everyone deserves respect so treat your colleagues with great respect.

Can they change their behaviour if you try the above tips for dealing with them?

Yes, there are chances that they might get along with you well if you follow the above tips.

Final Words

There are many types of difficult coworkers so if you want to get along with them well then follow the tips that we have mentioned on how to deal with difficult people at work. Hopefully, things will get better between you and your colleagues.

Stay Motivated, Be kind!

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