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How to stop being sensitive

stop being sensitive

Do you think that you feel everything a little too much? Either it’s harsh comments, a silly mistake you make or some bad news. So if the answer is yes even then you don’t need to worry because in this article we are going to tell you how to stop being sensitive.

We all are different from each other so we also have different ways of responding and reacting to the situations. Some people might take everything at heart and get hurt from even a small inconvenience while others may act strong and don’t bother with little things. And that’s completely alright, this is human nature and this is what makes us unique from each other.

When I was a teenager I used to overthink everything, cry all day if someone said some mean thing to me or if I got hurt by someone’s actions or intentions. I was a cry baby; an extremely sensitive person. Because of this, I became quite upset as every little thing affected me so badly. But with time and practice, I changed myself because I realised that it was really bad for my mental health, for my interpersonal relationships and above all for my peace of mind. So if you are a sensitive person and you want to know how to stop being sensitive, how to stop being emotional then you can follow the tips below.

Write what you are feeling

The first thing you can do is write down all your feelings. If you have been hurt, or if you are sad about something, if someone’s words or actions ruin your mood, write everything. Writing all your feelings down will help you clear your mind and know exactly what you are feeling. It will make things and give them a proper sense. Writing is also a way of feeling lighter so if you are feeling heavy after a sensitive episode it can be really helpful to untangle your thoughts and make you realise what affected you so much.

being sensitive

Figure out what makes you sensitive

The next step is to exactly figure out what makes you so sensitive because it is important to know your feelings, to understand what triggers you to know what hurts you what makes you feel bad because this way you can work on those things, you can work on improving yourself so if you are looking for the answer to why am I so sensitive and cry easily, or how to stop being sensitive then try writing down your feelings and the figuring out the root causes. Because once we know the cause only then we can work on them for the improvement.

Be Kind to Yourself

Remember being sensitive is not a bad thing, it means you are empathetic, you feel more. So you are just a little over the bar therefore don’t label yourself, don’t hurt yourself. It’s never nice to be hard on yourself, you deserve love, you deserve kindness. Practice self-love, prioritize yourself and you will see yourself evolving, you will see yourself improving and changing, you will see yourself becoming strong and brave and less sensitive. In short, self-love is the first step to self-improvement, self-development and your journey to self-healing.

Limit overthinking

Do you overthink each bad comment, every incident, every mishap? Do you want to know how to stop being sensitive in a relationship, how to stop being sensitive to criticism? If yes then you have to limit your overthinking. It’s so destructive to compile the bundle of thoughts inside your head that you have to let go of negative feelings, toxic thoughts to feel free and happy. Reflecting on the consequences of your actions is good but constantly making scenarios in your mind, reliving those moments, things of the bad that happened in the past will kill your happiness so try to free yourself of all these things.

Think before you react

Sometimes you jump to conclusions without actually analyzing the situations so you get hurt by things that don’t exist in reality. Let’s take an example that your friend is not replying to you as she is busy preparing her test but you assume that she is ignoring you and spending time with her new friends while in reality, she is just busy with the test but you overthink and get hurt about something that’s not true, that’s just your assumption, your misunderstood belief. So think before you react to any situation, take time to analyze the situation and then come to the conclusion.

Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback from your boss, your manager, your teacher. You have to face the comments to improve, remember the comments are not about who you are as a person but your work. So ask for constructive criticism, own your mistakes, where you were lacking something. Learn not to take everything personally, learn how to stop being highly sensitive and if you do so you will see yourself evolving and improving.

It’s not all about you

Everyone is struggling with their own lives, their traumas, their mess. So if someone behaves rudely with you there is a chance that that person might be going through something, something that made you sad and angry and so he had no intentions to hurt you in any way. To learn how to stop being sensitive, how to understand situations and behave nicely.

Be patient

Be patient, everything takes time. Nothing can change overnight. It will take time to become less sensitive to become less self-critical. You might fall many times in this process but at least appreciate yourself for trying, for taking the first step because it’s the hardest to take the first step. Everything will change, you will gradually become better, become more stable and less sensitive so have faith that everything will turn out the best, everything will work in a great way.


Are you a good person even if you are sensitive?

Yes don’t worry if you are sensitive it means you are more empathetic, you feel more observant more so it doesn’t mean you are not a good person.

How to stop being sensitive?

You can practice and follow the above tips to become less sensitive, to become more stable and strong.

Can overthinking make you sensitive?

Yes if you overthink every little thing you will automatically hurt yourself so it is important to stop overthinking to become less sensitive.

Does thinking positive and self love help you to become less sensitive?

Yes, if you think positively about everything and you love yourself enough you will understand that overthinking and being over sensitive is not good for your mental health so you will avoid it.

Is it important to figure out what makes you sensitive?

Yes, you must know what triggers you and what makes you highly sensitive to become emotionally strong and become less sensitive.

Final Words

So these were some ways of how to stop being sensitive. We hope they will be really helpful for you. Take care of yourself and those around you. With time and patience, everything will become better and you will see a better and improved version of yourself.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

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