There is no doubt that any long-distance relationship can have the potential of giving a feeling like a serious non-stop business. This is the main reason why the couples need to have some fun and have a feeling like an average couple for some time. For this purpose, there are games for long distance couples online that they can find exciting, while these online games can also be something to strengthen their relationship.

Sometimes people need a break from the serious side of their relationship, and they start looking for reconnecting to the fun and simple ways to spend together. Despite being in a long distance relationship, some of the favorite LDR games can really make the couples excited and excellently spend their time.

What can make a great long distance relationship game?

It is worth noting that the games for a long distance relationship are not created equal. Some are the easier ones that the couples can play on a website or a long distance games app, but there are other games for the long distance relationships that include game sets or physical cards that one can play over video chats. The couples also have the option of playing games that may not be translating to an online format. These may include card games that can be played with the physical deck of cards.

List of online games for long distance couples

1. Online Chess

chess online ldr

Not to be considered clich√© highly, online chess can be an ideal choice for you, especially if you have watched the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. The long distance couples can play the free chess app for as much time as they want. This game can go on for multiple days or have a Zoom call while playing chess in one go while chatting. Therefore, the couple can have the option to play both.

2. The Ultimate Game for Couples

game for couples

This has become one of the favorite long distance relationship games for many couples. On weekends, the partners can grab some snacks and start playing them quickly for an hour. This game requires a physical set of cards, and one can play it easily on Facetime and Zoom. It is unnecessary to purchase two sets because when it is the turn of another person, they can show the card face towards the camera, making things more accessible and more exciting.

3. Clash of Clans

Chat of Clans can be a little addictive, but it is one of the free online multiplayer games for couples that is available through an app. Both the partners can join a clan, start building a village, and then attack other villages to build up their clan’s power. Its strategy can be made together, and besides the routine daily stuff that can get old quite quickly, Clash of Clans is something fun for both to talk about and is, therefore, fun as well as an engaging game.

4. Exploding Kittens

Exploding kittens

This is another fun card game that two people can play together. When you start playing it, you will find it becoming one of your favorites. One needs to keep in mind that it may not be possible to play the physical cards from a long distance; therefore, this is one of the mobile games for couples long distance, as it has an app, and you can play it online. Couples have the option of adding each other as friends and then play the game together for as much time as they want.

5. Bananagrams


These days, Bananagrams has become the favorite of many LDR couples. It is a word game that is quite similar to scrabble, where the tiles can be used to do the crossword. Although there are many video games for long distance couples, Bananagrams is the one that people can easily play through Zoom. In order to play the game, both the partners need to have their own set of Bananagrams, and each can start with 21 tiles. The tiles can be picked up by both at the same time, and the game goes on until one of both persons is able to win. You will also be able to have a rudimentary website where couples can play Bananagrams online.

Final Thoughts

There is a good variety of games for long distance couples online. It is vital for the couples to be creative regarding how to translate these in-person games to a long distance and online format. This can indeed be a great way to make a long distance relationship exciting as both of you will have something that you will be crazy about, and after playing the game, you can have a conversation about different aspects of the game for hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games can the majority of LDR couples play online?

Couples might be looking for different ideas for having a good time with their lover despite being in the distance. They can go for the online trivia games, emoji guessing, happy couple, as well as truth or dare Jenga that they will find very exciting to play together.

What can kill a long distance relationship?

There can be a few reasons that might be responsible for killing a long distance relationship. Out of these, unresolved fights, lack of communication, not giving each other much time, and infrequent visits are among the top ones.

Can LDR couples play any games on WhatsApp?

Couples can play some texting games to make their WhatsApp chats exciting. These can include fill-in blanks, celebrity friendship, story builder or storytime, emoji translation, and truth or date.

How to make your partner play online games in a long distance relationship?

If you want your partner to play online games with you, it is crucial that you make it a non-issue. The game time limits net to be set, and you have to stick to them, share with your partner regarding what you love about a particular online game and find those games that both of you are interested in.

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