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How to Stop Being Manipulative

Stop Being Manipulative

Do your loved ones complain that you are showing manipulative behaviour? Do people tend to stay away from you? Do you want to stop being manipulative? If yes then this article will be really helpful for you.

In life we mostly play as the victim, we can count the number of times we have been manipulated by others but upon asking can we tell how many times we were the ones to manipulate others? It must be hard as when it comes to ourselves we don’t see our mistakes.

Admitting your toxic traits can be hard but it’s the first step in personal development and self-grooming. So it’s worth it.

Signs you may be manipulating someone

  • Attempting to control what other people think, their feelings and actions.
  • Misleading and miscommunicating other people
  • Not expressing affection and warmth towards others
  • Blaming others for your bad actions
  • Not making yourself clear/ Not telling your true intentions
  • Thinking you know everything/Acting arrogant or rude
  • Developing Jealousy with others

Tips of How to stop being Manipulative

Ask yourself why am I manipulative? Figure out the reasons and then work on yourself below. We have discussed a few tips on how to stop being manipulative.

Work on your self-esteem

If you want to know how to stop being manipulative then work on your inner self. At times if you don’t value yourself, you have a negative opinion about yourself, you have low self-esteem then you try to control other people your behaviour can be toxic towards other people as well. So you have to work on yourself, your self-esteem, you need to be confident and happy with yourself, you need to have strong self-esteem, positive self-opinion. Lots of people who seem to be manipulative have low self-image and insecurities so start with working on yourself. Buy yourself good stuff, take care of your mind and body, love yourself enough that you don’t have to be manipulative.

Don’t be a perfectionist

You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to have a perfect life, where everything is figured out. You don’t have to have a perfect body, a perfect face, or a perfect relationship with others. When you are trying to be a perfectionist you can be manipulative towards others as well. Learn to be happy with everything you have and go with the flow. Remind yourself that you don’t need to get everything perfect.

Try out new things

If you want to know how to stop being toxic and manipulative then learn new things in life. Experience new feelings, get so busy improving yourself that you don’t have time to be manipulative or toxic in your relationships. Try things that you haven’t done before, experience things that are new and innovative. Live, learn, make mistakes and grow. Enjoy life, enjoy little things, appreciate people around you, accept them the way they are, don’t try to control them, control their life. They have to live their own life so you don’t need to comprehend them.

Try to ease anxiety

Try meditating, try to get your mind and body relaxed sometimes we are toxic with others because we are not in the right mental state, we mess things up because we don’t know what’s happening, we show manipulative behaviour towards others because we become afraid that they might leave up, that they might abandon us so we try to manipulate them. We try to control them but in the end, this will frustrate them and they will leave you anyway so try to work on your anxiety and ease yourself and ease your mind.

So ask yourself, Am I manipulative? Am I manipulative without knowing it?


Exercising can be helpful to make your mood better, to feel better and light so you don’t manipulate others out of frustration. Make a habit of daily exercising, jogging or walking. It will be really good for your mind and body and you will feel fresh and happy. This way your intention will turn into improving yourself. You will have no time for toxic thinking and your behaviour with others will also improve a lot.

Take Professional help

If you are becoming aware of your toxic traits, destructive and manipulating behaviour and it feels like things are no more in your control then you need to go to therapy. You need to consult some professional someone that can help you with manipulating behaviour that can help you to get rid of this negativity and help you to nourish and flourish in life. So don’t hesitate and go to a therapist, get your life together.

Respect others

Respect the boundaries of other people, respect their decisions, their personal choices. They don’t owe you their life, everyone has a complete right to live their life the way they want, so you don’t have to be controlling, you don’t have to comprehend what they need to do. Respect them fully, let them be themself, let them be free.

Listen to others

Do you want to know how to stop being manipulative? If yes then listen, listen to others. Listen to what you are making them feel. If you feel like you are crawling towards them and it’s making them feel bad, stop that, stop being so toxic. Because everyone deserves to be with people that are good for their mental growth for happiness and prosperity. And with practice, you can change your toxic behaviour.


Is being manipulative a destructive behaviour for your relationships?

Yes, it is a very toxic and destructive behaviour in relationships, it can make the other person uncomfortable and ultimately leave you.

Can you overcome this toxic behaviour?

Yes if you follow the tips that we mentioned above for how to stop being manipulative you can overcome your toxic behaviour and improve your relationships.

Can listening to others make things better?

Yes, it can make you understand the other person, and what’s right for them.

How to know that your behaviour is manipulating?

If you are controlling, misleading, blaming others then this behaviour is manipulative.

Does meditating and exercising help to feel better and positive?

Yes, it is really helpful to feel fresh, happy and positive.

Final words

Now hopefully you know the ways of how to stop being manipulative. It’s a toxic trait for sure so you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. So try to become a better version of yourself, be kind to others, work on improving your relationships, show effort, care for others, show affection and spread love, positivity and prosperity.

Stay Happy, Stay Positive!

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