There are times when one member of the couple can pinch jealousy when a cat likes to slip on the partner’s lap but not theirs. You may ask a question, ‘why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband’ which is quite a valid one, but it is worth noting that the cats are able to prioritize their comfort and safety, especially when it is about sleeping.

The cat is not about the husband or the wife; it just favors the partner who offers it with the comfort and warmth that it expects to sleep. This particular behavior is also called pet favoritism. The majority of cats are choosey when it is about their sleeping spot, and they may not sleep with everyone. The following are the reasons why you might be unique to the cat than your husband.

You might share a special bond

The majority of cats love to bond with their owners, but when there are two, there is quite a possibility that one of you maybe it’s favorite. There could be various reasons behind this particular choice, but most of the time, it may not be a choice but natural gravitation.

As a woman, when you spend more time at home with your kitty than your husband as he is away, then there are chances that you will become its number one. You must be thinking, why does my cat wake me up but not my husband? The answer is simple; you tend to have more playtime with the cat, giving it attention and feeding it. So, when your husband is back, the chances are that it may require less attention.

You might be its safety net

Every cat wants to feel safe, and as a cat parent, you should try to fulfill all its requirements. A cat in the wild is a capable hunter, but it can fall prey to predators larger in size because of its size. This is among the main reasons why a cat wants to make sure that it is safe.

If you find your cat spending its sleepy time close to you, then it means that you are offering it the calmness that it is seeking. The chances are that your cat may think of you as the authority of the home or a person who is able to protect it when needed.

You must be hotter than your partner

Cats typically look for a warm sleeping place unless it is summer. The answer is quite simple for a cat parent who has kept cats for a long time, but those who are new may think, ‘why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband.’

The average body temperature of a cat stands between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees, which is a little higher than humans. Therefore, they need warmth more than human beings. When the temperature drops during the night time, it may not be uncommon for a cat to sleep on the owner’s bed, especially in winter.

There are practical reasons

There can be a few practical reasons as to why does my cat sit with me and not my husband; there can be a lot of reasons for that. There are chances that you might be smaller than your husband in size, and you might be leaving more space by the side for it.

As safety is essential, therefore, when the cat sleeps, your side of the bed might give the cat a feeling of calmness. If you are sleeping or sitting closer to a door, this means that the cat has an exit point, and that is why it usually chooses to sleep at the foot of the bed.

It could be affection

There is no doubt that cats very much love and affectionate pets, especially towards their owners. It is not difficult for a person to tell when a cat is happy and relaxed because it begins to purr and asks the owner for affection.

Usually, a cat wants affection when it is getting ready to sleep with the caregiver. This can be an opportunity for a cat to relax and have a good nap with its favorite person. This way, the cat shows its owner the love, and it can also receive the love that it expects.

Closing Thoughts

It is vital for you to treat the cat as an individual all the time, even when it is about its sleeping habits. If you are wondering ‘why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband,’ the chances are that you might be the cat’s favorite, but it is worth noting that you and your husband should never pressure the kitty to sleep with one person or the other. If you want to keep the bedroom to yourself to establish an equilibrium, you need to make sure that you offer an excellent bed alternative to your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a cat choose its favorite person?

Although every cat is different, the proper response to the cat’s body language signs and meows includes physical interaction, food, and playtime. It is up to the cat to choose somebody as its favorite because they might be providing the best lap for their naps.

What does it mean when my cat sleeps around me?

A cat likes to sleep with its owner when it trusts them. Your cat would know that you take good care of it, and there is a possibility that it may consider you to be a good sleeping companion. This is a clear indication that the cat enjoys your company and is happy to spend time with you.

Does a cat get emotionally attached to the owner?

Just like children and dogs, cats can also form emotional attachments to their caregivers. They feel secure in the presence of their caregiver, and they might be very comfortable exploring the environment around them.

Why does a cat like one member of the family but not the other?

It isn’t easy to understand cat’s favoritism. The favorite person of a cat might be a simple human who plays with it the most or the one that feeds her. The cat may like somebody stoic and robust who is able to put off a secure vibe.

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