How to express love to a girl in words – proven tips


Love at first sight or have been friends for years, but haven’t able to express your feelings to a girl? You tried to muster up the courage, but whenever you met her, fear of rejection, or thought that you’ll not able to explain your true feelings held you back? No worries, it happens to all of us. All you need to have an expert, sensible tips to move on in your love life. And for that, I’m here to assist you with genuine tips to let your girl know in words that how much you love her!

1. A calm and serene place

Thinking about expressing your feelings on phone or through text? Not a good idea. Planning to take her on the dinner, and say three beautiful words in the restaurant? No. what next then?

A calm and quiet place is the best option, because, in calmness, she’ll focus on your words. Plus, the serene place will provide you the opportunity to explain your feelings clearly without any noise. This makes her focus on your words, rather on other things.

Calm place to express love to a girl

In addition to that, time is another important factor. Don’t express your love right after drinking, sex, and fight. Make sure you’re looking presentable even if you’re wearing a T-shirt. After all, these all will compliment your words!

2. Admire her traits

Begin your talk by appreciating her traits. The purpose is to take account of her personality, not the things. E.G you can say: your dressing sense is awesome, instead of saying this dress is looking cool on you. Similarly, make her feel special by doing something which she loves. E.G she likes mountains, take out time and go with her in the mountain areas even if you have to drive for miles. Eventually, this communicates your love and feelings to her. Note: you don’t have to say this such as you like mountains, therefore I’ve come here to explain my love for you. This will not be a good idea.

3. Don’t be heroic, be natural like humans

Don’t do silly stuff like comparing her beauty with flours, mountains, and anything like this. Just to let her know how important she’s for you, like when you saw her, you feel that we’ll live a happy and prosperous life. Remind her of the romantic moments, sweet memories, and funny events that you both love. You don’t have to unnecessarily be adventurous, just be natural the way you are. Trust me, she’ll love that style!

don't be heroic while expressing love to a girl

4. Don’t wait for the bells and whistles

If you’re thinking to express your love on valentine’s day, or any particular date, don’t wait. Make her normal day incredible and figure out her mood swings. Of course, you don’t like to say magic three words if she’s having a bad day. Do it when she’s feeling happy and her brain is open for fresh thoughts. You’ll be successful!

5. Win the moment

Once you’re ready, start count down: 3, 2, and 1! Let it come out what you’ve in your chest. You can pull her close for kiss or hug (depending on your relationship strength), and don’t waste significant three seconds that can bring you the lifetime potential happiness!

  • Since you’ve come in my life, I’ve dreams to live with you. I love you!
  • I had something beautiful feeling on my chest, and it should let it come, I love you!
  • I’m in love with you, and just like to let you know that I’ll love you forever!

6. Open ears and eyes and remain quiet for a while

Once you express your love to a girl, you should not continue talking and talking. Wait, see in her eyes politely, and soften your facial impressions. It can completely be surprising for her, or maybe she’s not prepared for that. In every case, she would require a few moments to process her brain.

Remain quite - proven tips to express love to a girl in words

Once she starts talking, don’t interfere. No matter what the result would be, you have to listen patiently. Neither you can’t control her response, nor should you try. She might ask some time to ponder or get confused. Tell her that this is something on your chest, and you let her know. You’ll wait and she takes her time.

Pat yourself on the back regardless of the result, after all, you’re a lover and you did what most people can’t do. Be proud of yourself!

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