How to find your soulmate online


You have to kiss many frogs, before you find your princess

an old saying…

Meeting and finding your soulmate online doesn’t happen for everyone but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen for you. The internet world for online dating has exploded too much in the last few years. Finding that one person who will make your life complete is not easy. Ready to join online dating but not sure is it for you? Let me tell you, Why I firmly believe it totally fits in with our modern-day lifestyles.

Some years ago dating online has a little disgrace attached to it. Although most youngsters were using the internet as a method of dating they didn’t discuss it with friends and colleagues.

I remember my friend who initially felt embarrassed to tell me that she joined an online dating site. However, after talking to her, I understood why she adopted internet dating. It’s just because she was tired of timewasters, who were not interested in a real relationship.

How to find your partner online

After some time she got a guy who lives 100 miles from her place. After chatting online for some time then on the phone, she decided to meet him. Although the distance wasn’t making the relationship ideal, the spark was there. She enjoyed dating 6 months someone with similar interests, shared romantic weekends together and had a fun-filled holiday. When I asked her if she regretted joining dating sites online, her answer was “Definitely not”. She told if she wouldn’t have joined a dating site those 6 months would have been spent without any fun and with some timewaster like before.

Are you convinced that dating is for you? If not please check out the pros of online dating and find your soulmate online.

Find your soulmate online – Pros

  1. You are free to choose from a wide range of peoples and not just limited to your social group or work environment.
  2. You can get too much data about a person online without even contacting him or her. Important information like a person’s age, city, marital status, height/weight, and likes/dislikes, all from their profile. Of course his/her picture also.
  3. You have a good chance to present yourself and match the people in a favorable way. Especially if you are shy, it’s more helpful. An extrovert can also reflect themselves in their online profile, just take time to know about yourself before writing.
  4. The biggest pros to find your soulmate online is, it saves your time. You can meet so many people in a lesser time than you ever could by going out in the real world. No need to wait until the weekend to meet someone.
  5. No need to dress up, wear whatever comforts you.
  6. If you are chatting to someone and you found that person is not a perfect fit. You can move and choose another, there are lots of people there.
  7. Seeing the same face every time in your group is boring you can choose people from all age groups across the country.
  8. Recently shifted to a new area, then online dating is a great way of meeting people around you either for friendship or dating.
  9. Private chat rooms to quickly chat and flirt by maintaining privacy.
  10. We now date differently than the older generation where the traditional way to meet new people was going to parties & nightclub, at work or through friends. Now you can extend those opportunities by meeting someone online. You can know more about someone online than by meeting them at a bar for the first time.

Making Online Dating Profile Can Be Tough, Let’s make it easy

Making Online Dating Profile

Even Beautiful Women liked to be approached by an interesting and confident man. The same is true for men. A handsome guy will approach a confident-looking woman. If you are surprised by this fact then let me tell you that it’s totally true. Being interesting and confident is much more important than looks and its true for online dating as well as in the real world.

After joining an online dating service, you will see too many profiles to choose from. Most men are much more likely to make initial contacts than women. But it’s a women’s world too. It’s just kind of traditional for men to make the first move but it doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t do it. Both genders can approach each other and find what is suitable. That’s why it’s important to choose nice profile pictures.

Remember interesting and confident, It is important that your profile should not look self-centered. You have to let people know that you have friends and family you care about and you have a passion for a variety of things. Choose your profile images and write your description in that manner.

You have only one shot to impress the other person. So don’t write anything stupid on your profile like for example, I could be the man of your dreams or I am a princess👸. The judgment part you don’t do, leave it to others. Just be yourself and you will find that person you are looking for will find you easily. If you be yourself and if you know yourself well you can create a great profile of yourself that stands out in the crowd.

Learn to Ask the Right Questions First, to find your soulmate online

Ask the Right Questions First to find your soulmate online

Now you have made a killer profile and joined a couple of dating services. You have uploaded non-self-centric profile images and its time now to chat. What now? How would you start to find your soulmate online? How would you separate out true and real potentials?

Firstly you have to find out who that stranger really is and not just who they want you to believe they are. You can directly ask questions to find the information you need. After getting the answer you can decide about the genuineness of that person. But it’s not easy to ask the accurate question, you have to experiment and do this thing. It takes time to get perfect, learn from past mistakes and avoid making them. You have to experiment with many different questions on different persons before you get to that one person you are looking for.

After you are past the initial talk, ask him/her, What are the biggest mistakes guys make when dating online? Now listen carefully to the answers. They are going to tell you a lot about themselves and their views on men/women in general.

The Next Question should be, What do you really think about online dating? Here he/she will tell you if they had any bad experiences dating online and help you to avoid making the same things wrong.

Important last Question, What caused the break up in your last relationship? If he/she puts all the blame on their partner, then you should probably move on to the next prospect. And If she/he takes all the blame themselves, you should probably do the same again. If they say the breakup was by mutual consent or that the relationship just wasn’t right for either of them, then yes, you have heard the right answer. You can Move forward but always with caution.

To get the better insight you should always ask the right questions. It will make you more confident when you meet the person for the first time.

Online Dating is Not a Contest

Find your soulmate - Dating is Not a Contest

Dating online, there is no competition between males for the attention of females and vice versa. You have to think differently, Grow up. You have to change your mindset, your mind should focus on searching rather than winning. This is not a high school, you are all grown up, your attitude is the most important asset you have. You shouldn’t concentrate on becoming a perfect man/woman that others like but your main concentration should be to be yourself.

What that men/women want?

Everyone wants a partner to be confident, not arrogant. There is a big difference. You shouldn’t be self-deprecating, They don’t want you to think that you fell from the sky or heaven and are some kind of perfect being. Nobody can live up to that expectation.

Find your soulmate online. What that men/women want?

Everyone wants a communicator. Silent is not at all appealing. If you are silent it gives a feeling like you don’t have an original thought in your head or probably you didn’t hear a single word they said to you. He/she wants you to know more about them and ask intelligent questions about what is important to them. Nobody wants to win a trophy or prize, everyone just wants to that one person or partner that they want to be with.

We gave too many positive reasons to find your soulmate online. Your perfect partner can be found easily if you are aware of the consequences. Try finding your partner for yourself and please let us know how you’re doing.

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