How to gain power in a relationship with your woman


How to gain power in a relationship with your woman? It is a most frequently asked question from lots of men. The more respect you will give more power your woman will develop. 

A woman does not just need love they need respect too. And yes respect is more powerful than love for a woman. A man who professes that he loves her but does not give her respect, cannot develop power in his relationship. Respect is a very powerful tool for a relationship.

A woman can live with you if she does not love you, but if you respect her, she falls in love with you.

If you have lost respect in your relationship then here are some tips that will help you to gain respect again.

How to gain respect back in a relationship

respect in relation

Respect is the key factor for any relationship. But sometimes as time goes respect starts to go away. If you are losing respect from your woman, you should repair that damage, by showing that you are responsible and reframe your positive attitude with respect to your partner.

  • Do not blame your partner for disrespecting you instead focus on your own behavior may be you disrespect her before.
  • Accept your mistake and apologize. Assure her that you will not repeat that mistake again. 
  • Don’t break your promises if you had made them with your partner. For example: If you promised her that you will be at home by that particular time, then make sure to be there.
  • Communicate with your partner openly that how you are feeling. Lots of relationships spoil because they do not communicate their relationship problems openly. Tell her you do not feel good when she disrespects you.

If you are emotionally or mentally disturb don’t hide your feelings from your partner tell them you are not fine. Don’t shout at her instead talk with her openly and shares your thoughts and problem with her. It will increase the trust and respect in her heart.

How to take control in a relationship for guys

Women usually want to prove that they are as independent and strong as men. On the other hand, men want to gain power and the upper hand in a relationship.

These few tips will help you to know how to gain power in a relationship with your woman.

  • Show her that you are confident and know what to do. Always stand up for yourself and for your woman. Don’t afraid of any situation or things. Show her that you can control your choices and emotions. 
  • Show your partner that you are an independent person.
  • Try to balance between your woman and others For example: Don’t ignore your wife due to your friends. Your partner’s priorities should be greater than others.
  • Be confident, because confidence is a key to relationship boundaries. Show your partner that you believe in yourself and deserve better. 
  • Don’t show your partner that you are a needy person.
  • Make silence during the conflict
  • Treat her how you want to be treated.
  • Give some space between your relationships For example: Show your partner that you have a life outside the relationship so that she doesn’t think you are too needy. Show your partner that you can fulfill your need without them.

How to get the power back from a guy?

  • If your partner does not value you or ignore you don’t be sad be a strong woman. A strong woman does not chase, does not beg for her values and respect. 
  • If your partner ignores you or does not make a kind behave with you. Don’t ask him what happened and how much you love him. Just leave him alone for some period of time, if he is your man he will never leave you and come back to you.
  • Just make yourself keep calm and don’t ask any questions. When he wants space in a relationship gives him that space. If he is your man then he will never leave you.
  • If your partner disrespects you tell him clearly you cannot tolerate that physiological abuse. Take a stand for yourself. 
  • Man always likes confident woman, so be confident or if you have not enough confidence just show him you are confident and you know how to manage everything.
  • A woman should be warm and nurturing, it gives a signal to a man that is safe to be close to her, and he shares his secrets and life with her that kind of woman actually very alluring to man.  
  • Make yourself emotionally intelligent, because the emotionally balanced person takes the right decision at right time.
  • Make yourself inspiring; a woman that is inspiring is one of the best compliments that a man can give a woman. When your man says to you that, “you make me a better man”. A woman has the ability to improve a man behavior and character.

How to gain power in a relationship with your woman depends on understandings. If you understand each other deeply and know that at what time your partner needs what then it will be the best relationship. Try to make a balance in your relationship.

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