Every dog owner would want the German Shepherd to love him and have a strong relationship with him. Basically, it is up to the dog owner to make sure that it uses the inventive and malleable mind to satisfy the owner and his family. If you are thinking about how to make a German Shepherd love you, then it is essential that you bond with it when it is new to your home.

The most important part is showing your love and affection to the German Shepherd and finding ways to communicate in their own language. Your main idea should be to understand the dog and communicate in such a way that both of you can feel comfortable. If you want your German Shepherd to love you and have a better bond with it, then you need to follow the best bonding tips.

Make an eye contact

Although many people consider staring at the dog’s eyes to be dominating, you will notice that your dog loves you when you do it in a gentle manner and affection. In order to understand how to bond with your German Shepherd, you need to speak gently and softly to it because when you look at its eyes this way, different hormones are released that can increase love and affection between both you and your dog.

eye contact with german shepherd

Have a nap with it

Typically, people sleep for around 8 hours a day, but it can indeed be a valuable time to sneak in some of your German Shepherd’s love and bonding. In order to know how to make a German Shepherd loyal to you, a good way is to let it in your bed for some time or sleep with the open door so that the dog can lie on the floor at the doorway. If the German Shepherd sees you kicking it out of the bedroom or shutting the door, then the dog will consider it as a lack of love and affection.

Scratch its stomach

Although it can never be a good idea to purposely wake up your German Shepherd because this can decrease your bond and upset it, whenever you have an opportunity to scratch its belly, you should do it, as this is one of the things German Shepherds love.

When comfortable, a German Shepherd likes to lay on its back, and this can be a great time to make it love you. Try not to wind your dog by petting and to scratch it roughly. The best way is to slowly stroke and then scratch its stomach to tell it that you love it.

massage and play with dog
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Massage it for a super bond

Another great way to get your dog’s love is to massage it, as it is helpful to increase the circulation in its skin and offer it a shiny coat. When you massage the dog, it makes them calm, and therefore, it will be associating you with the relaxing affectionate times. When your dog loves you, then it likes to show you the love if you wonder why do German Shepherds lick you.

Massage is excellent for reducing the dog’s stress, which means that you bring good things to it. This way, they do know that you love spending time with them, and when you stroke the dog for a few minutes, it can also lower your blood pressure.

Try to use positive training

Training is loved by the German Shepherds, especially if it is positive and fun. Different brain games can increase the dog’s mental stimulation and improve its behavior, and this is one of the best ways regarding how to make a German Shepherd happy.


When training a German Shepherd, the process shouldn’t only involve the basic commands, but some great ways to use its exceptional intelligence can also be excellent. Never try to make your furry friend fear you, and instead, you should try to show it as a leader who is full of love as well as affection with training and different games. When you know how to make your dog love you is a part that welcomes them in your life, and it doesn’t matter whether your dog is a puppy or an adult one, as it just looks for love and affection.


German Shepherd never likes to be alone, and it is an intensely social creature. As a dog owner, you are its world, and you need to get the best out of him and make him learn a number of good bonding behaviors. If you are wondering how to make a German Shepherd love you, you need to keep in mind that you must sweeten your love and bond by positively engaging with it and offering it with the best doggy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can be the best way to bond with a German Shepherd?

There are a number of ways that can be helpful for you to strengthen your bond with the German Shepherd dog. It would help if you played with it, trained it for mental stimulation, and tried to learn its language in order to understand what it expects from you.

  • How do you know that the German Shepherd loves you?

Some of the common signs of affection of a German Shepherd are staying close to you, licking you, leaning on you, letting you hug them, and trying to ask you for rubs. The best way to know about their love for you is that they want you to keep playing.

Usually, a German Shepherd will be attached to one person in a family, but it sure is a good family dog. Although you may notice a few behavioral issues, such issues most rise because of the lack of leadership on behalf of the dog owners.

  • Does a German Shepherd love its owner?

German Shepherd is among the most devoted of the dogs to its family. It becomes very affectionate towards its owner and at times becomes quite protective of them. It is never easy for an owner to know how much a German Shepherd loves him.

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