You may have had quite a wonderful time with your ex, but things suddenly changed, and your ex left you. In the start, it would have been quite difficult for you to cope with the situation, but then you must’ve recovered after realizing a few facts. Now you must be querying how to make your ex jealous on Facebook and regret breaking up with you.

It is never recommended to gossip behind their back when social media networks like Facebook can be used to show how you stopped missing your ex and moved on after recovering from a broken life. Flirting with other people, uploading some cute selfies, and commenting on Facebook are some ways that can annoy and irritate your ex without making things worse.

You can fish for the comments on the photographs

If you know that your ex keeps looking at your updates, you can annoy them by fishing for comments on the pictures. The best way is to ask people to comment on your pictures by captioning the photograph with a question. 

When your ex finds this sudden activity on your Facebook, this will instantly make them jealous, and therefore, it is one of the best ways regarding how to make him jealous after a breakup. Another significant advantage of doing this is that you will be able to compel your ex to look at how different people are flocking to your pictures.

Try to get fit and flaunt in the close friend circle

If you start transforming yourself into a more confident and attractive person, your ex will automatically get jealous knowing this. Getting physically fit is considered to be one of the best ways to bring about this particular transformation of yours.

You can purchase some fitness equipment at home or join a gym. Also, You will notice that regular workouts are starting to make some difference in a couple of months. You can then flaunt your new self with new photos and selfies and update the Facebook albums to make your ex burn away with jealousy. The same technique can be used on Instagram if you are thinking about how to make your ex jealous on Instagram.

Flirt with other guys or girls on Facebook

Flirting with people on Facebook and other social media networks can instantly make your ex jealous of you. This particular technique can be very successful if your ex has not been able to move on after a breakup completely.

It would help if you never tried to flirt too heavily because social media flirting will surely be in the public eye. You can even go for WhatsApp to make your ex jealous if you are thinking about ‘how to make my ex jealous on WhatsApp’, but Facebook is a much-preferred medium. You can use hugs and winks when typing messages to give a flirty touch to anything you say.

Give compliments to other people on Facebook pictures

The best way to make your ex jealous on Facebook is by complimenting other girls or guys when they upload pictures. There are chances that your ex may begin to think that you are deliberately giving the compliments in order to annoy them.

You can write something in captions to make your ex miss you, but it is worth noting that when your ex tries to control the bouts of jealousy, it will certainly be impossible for them to stay calm. They will watch you compliment other people openly on Facebook, and this will undoubtedly make them jealous.

Delete all the pictures on Facebook with your ex in them

Another great way of making your ex jealous on Facebook is to delete all the photos that have your ex in them. If your ex happens to go through your online profiles every now and then, they will be able to notice that you have removed all their pictures. When removing these pictures, it will be great if you add some new ones that have been taken recently, as this can really irk them.

Bottom Line

Facebook is among the best tools to communicate with your friends, discover some new and exciting things, and set up events. One can also use Facebook for many other reasons, and if you are wondering how to make your ex jealous on Facebook, then it is quite possible and easy to do it. Jealousy is one of the most powerful tools through which you can make your ex jealous and get attracted to you. So there are a few techniques that can be very helpful in this matter, but if you execute these techniques incorrectly, then this can backfire on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to make your ex realize your worth?

The best way to make the ex realize your worth is to keep yourself busy, try not to call or text him. Your feeling should be expressed through your actions, so you need to stop being a pushover, go out with friends, and try not to pamper yourself.

  • Can silence make your ex miss you?

Silence does have the power of making your ex miss you. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most effective strategies for getting your ex back because when they don’t hear from you, then they get curious and may start looking for you.

  • How to make your ex notice you on Facebook?

Facebook is undoubtedly a potent tool; therefore, you can use it to showcase your change. You can update about all the positive changes on Facebook, which include taking photos of hanging with friends, going on some adventures, or finding someone essential to spend time with. If you can achieve this, you can surely be able to get noticed by your ex.

  • How to make your ex jealous on social media while seeming like you don’t care?

There are a number of techniques to make your ex jealous on social media and make him believe that you don’t care about him at all. You can update with some new gig, post a happy picture, go on a sweet vacation, and unfollow your ex from all the social media accounts.

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