These days, our lives have become busier than ever, and it looks like we don’t have much time to do the essential things, and one of these essential things is spending some quality time with the pups. A study shows that pet owners only spend around 40 minutes a day with their dogs, but the positive aspect is that the dogs don’t lack any of the material goods because people are spending a lot more money on them before.

It is the quality time with the pups that the dog parents lack, and therefore, you must be wondering how to spend more time with your dog because you would definitely wish to spend more time with your furry friend. Unfortunately, one may not be able to add hours to the day, but there are a number of creative methods through which you can carve out more time with your dog.

Going on walks

Going on walks is something you need to do a few times, but keep in mind that just a walk around the walk may not be that exciting. It can be a worrying sign for you to think that ‘my dog is spending more time alone; therefore, the best way is to incorporate play into the walk, take some treats with you and throw these on the grass to encourage your dog in finding them.

Taking your pet to a walk is also an excellent opportunity to train it the obedience commands in an environment that may be highly distracting. An excellent way to switch your usual routine is to ask your friend to come along or change the directions instead of going through the same path because it can have new smells and experiences for the pooch.

walking with dog

Bring it to your work

There are a number of employers out there who allow their workers to bring their dogs to work each day. When you have your pet at the workplace, it can help lower your stress, improve relationships, and have social support. Besides this, there are various other benefits of spending time with your dog even when you are at work.

You need to make sure that you get permission from your boss, and if you have an open space office, it would be a good idea to make sure that your coworkers don’t mind your canine being there. There are some people who may not like dogs, while for others, they can be allergic.

Take a day off or plan holidays

Instead of leaving the dog with a relative, a dog sitter, or pet care, there are many people who take their dogs on vacations with them. One can find a number of dog-friendly accommodations and places in many areas, and this way you will be able to keep yourself relaxed by having a dog with you, and you will not have to ask yourself a question ‘how much time should I spend with my dog.’

You can search on the internet for some domestic and international vacation spots, and you will be able to get all the travel information that you need. Whether your visit is for a day or a week, the exciting experiences, and a new environment, can be great for you and your pup.

Schedule the playtime

If you have neighbors or even friends who have dogs and are well acquainted, then you can have an opportunity of scheduling a playdate in your or their home. When you have a proper schedule for your dog, this can even be helpful for the ones who would like to learn how to spend time with dogs without owning one.

If there aren’t any friends or neighbors around, you can go to the nearest dog park so that your dog can meet some new friends in order to socialize and go crazy with them. It would be of great help if you were vigilant when you make your dog meet some new dogs for the first time so that you are able to prevent any fights or undesirable behavior.

playtime with dog

Teach it some new tricks

You need to stimulate your dog mentally and teach it some new tricks that could become great ways to spend more time with them. This way, you don’t need to think about ‘can you spend too much time with your dog,’ because when your dog gets the basic commands, it will automatically start to learn some new tricks, and you will not have to make much effort.

Some of the classics like roll over, give paw, or even speak can be some good beginner tricks. Other than that, you can try hide and seek, dance, or play soccer. Keep in mind that there are many more things that you can teach, and you have to teach those tricks with positive reinforcement.

Bottom Line

The health & well-being of your furry friend are not only about giving it a healthy diet of natural foods, but it is also about spending your social time like playing, exercising, and relaxing with the pet. Therefore, if you wonder how to spend more time with your dog, you have to give it all your love and attention. Although primary care is critical, it will definitely be advantageous when you spend some extra time with the dog by doing some fun activities

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours a day should one spend with the pup?

It is a fact that some dogs can do well with more alone time as compared to others, but when we talk generally, dogs need a minimum of around two hours of time with humans. One can break up this time into chunks over the course of the entire day.

  • How can one make the most of time with the dog?

There are some excellent ways of spending more time with the companion dog. These include working out together, going to sports events, practicing some of the tricks, and going shopping.

Do more with your dog

Dogs do get bored sitting around all day having nothing to do. It is crucial for the dog parent to try some new puzzles or toys in order to keep the dog busy. When you mix the dog’s routine, it helps to keep the canine happy and stimulated.

One needs to play with the dog quite often, but it is better to play twice a day for around 15 minutes each time. The playtime can be combined with some exercise like walking home or going to the neighborhood park.

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