How To Say Sorry To Your Cat


One can quite safely say that most people have been found guilty of stepping on the paw or the tail of their cat. Other times we may have wronged them without even realizing it until we could get a cold shoulder. There are several ways on how to say sorry to your cat. You can do it by giving it some time to calm down or apologize gently.

As a cat parent, you should have the ability to understand its nature. Although it takes some time to understand it and act accordingly, you will not have to apologize to your cat for anything. You may have to reward and praise your cat with treats or catnip. Other than that, you can spend some quality time together with lots of games and petting, and this should ease your beloved pet.

How to tell if a cat is offended?

Offending your cat is undoubtedly an unfortunate accident, and every cat owner is guilty of stepping on the paw or tail of the cat. Normally this action is followed by a cry from both sides, resulting in the cat running away from the owner temporarily. As an owner, you will notice that the cat runs beneath the bed; it is wide-eyed and offended and in a panic.

You will even notice that the cat is avoiding you and sometimes even turns around to scratch you. This is an expression of frustration and annoyance and may last for a little longer. Some cats don’t show aggression and might sulk and react passively when you display your love for it. In some cases, the cat howls in the other room to show its anxiety and distress.

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Ways to apologize to your cat

Apologizing can be difficult, and as a cat owner, you need the courage to admit that you did wrong. Some people dread it, while others avoid it, though the language is normally understandable between the cat and the owner, making things easier.

Understand what has been done wrong

It is never advisable to ask for forgiveness for your cat but not meaning it or understanding why you are apologizing for it. Therefore, you need to determine what went wrong and what made your cat offended. This way, you can avoid repeating the same mistake, and it can be helpful for you with your approach.

It is also worth noting for you that cats are sensitive to sounds, and their hearing might be more sensitive than dogs. There are chances that they do understand our tone and can also understand the harshness or softness of our voice. So, if you look uncaring or if your apology is not honest, then your kitty might lose its trust in you.

Carefully approach your cat


As a cat owner, there might be an automatic response triggered in you when you see your cat in distress, but you need to make sure to stay calm in that particular moment. Never try to run to your cat screaming that you are sorry because this may have an opposite effect. Instead, you should watch the cat’s reaction and approach it slowly and carefully it.

Never try to chase after your cat if it is walking backwards or away from you because you would never want to corner it. Instead, it would help if you tried to give it a few minutes so that things can go back to normal. This type of action may sound that you are ignoring your beloved cat, but you are showing it that you mean no harm in reality.

Try to pet your cat

If you want to make your cat feel secure, being vocal about your love for it is never the only way. After apologizing and making a relaxed atmosphere, you need to show your hand to it. If the cat smells it and lets you rub it, then you should continue doing it. But if your cat scratches you, then it’s quite a clear sign that your furry friend requires more space and time.

Your cat can also get offended if you don’t give it enough attention or if you ignore it. The majority of cats love being touched, especially on the facial glands like cheeks, ears and under the chin. Some cats don’t like being stroked, and in such a case, you should never get concerned, but most of the kitties love to have a good rub.

Bottom Line

Cats feel sad, offended or angry when we’ve wronged it and can act all cool, but we also know that they are very sensitive furry souls deep down. If we make some mistake, we should never regret it, and instead, try to make things right. The idea should be to prioritize the feelings of our furry friend, and with lots of good cuddles, a few games and loving attention, we can be sure that things can go back to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a cat forgive its owner?

When the owner offers it a treat and a little love, the cat will easily forgive. However, cats never forget if there is abuse in the household. If such a situation appears, then the cat starts to consider its owner as a threat. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that the cat is holding a grudge if it is avoiding the owner.

Can a person hurt a cat’s feelings?

Normally the cats experience many emotions from being sad to happy, and therefore, they can get hurt. When we compare cats to humans, cats never respond the same way as humans when feeling hurt. Therefore, you should be able to know the cause of this discomfort.

Do cats consider humans to be their parents?

Cats never think of humans as a mother, but they show their owner a level of affection in respect in the same way as they do to their mother. When they make a close bond with their owner, they value humans very high.

Can a cat recognize the face of its owner?

A cat can recognize different faces, not the same way as we humans do. The criteria for cats to recognize different individuals are based on their voice, face, smell, and behavioral patterns.

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