How to be a High value Woman when He Pulls Away


There are times when there is nothing worse than having a man pull away, and things get more confusing if a man pulls away when they are to fall in love. Whether it’s only the early stages of a relationship or he is falling in love with you, it can surely be stressful if a man pulls away from you.

You being a woman, would start feeling that his lack of presence may leave a void that would be difficult for you to fill. Therefore, you may be asking yourself how to be a high value woman after a breakup because it would never be easy for you to deal with it as feminine and yet be a woman of high value.

Take your time to reflect

The majority of relationships get destroyed because people assume different things about the ones they are dating. Normally we assume the worst and start to be awful towards our partner, or we may assume the best for them and offer more chances than they deserve. When we take some time to reflect on the encounters, we are better positioned to see what is going on.

Because we would like to forget certain things never mean that they don’t happen. Therefore, we need to understand the importance of reflecting on the situation. One of the best habits of a high value woman is realizing not to assume things about someone when he pulls away. 


Leave him alone when he pulls away

It is a fact that men usually love the chase, and they also like to know that they are controlling the situation. You must have high value woman boundaries, and therefore you should not be the one to pursue him when he pulls away. It will probably look like that you have low self-esteem and that you require his validation.

It is never easy for one to deal with the radio silence and not go after the one you love. You would like to have an explanation from him as much as you would like to see what he is losing, but this may not be the best way to get him interested in you again. Therefore, you might be wasting your energy and precious time that you should be spending on yourself.

Focus on yourself

He might be an amazing person you are into, and you have enough feelings for him to feel his absence in life. But you need to get one thing out of the way that he is only a man, and there are many others out there, which can be a reassurance for you so that you can focus on yourself. Your life should never be on hold just because of a man who is ghosting you.

You should never forget to treat yourself fairly, and this is one of the main lessons on how to be a high value woman when he pulls away. You can go out with other friends and have fun. Therefore, you should never sit around and wait for the one to make him realize what he had lost, especially when he decided to pull away from you.

play with your Dog

Give change to your daily routine

You might be the one who doesn’t open up to other men very quickly and dive back towards the dating scene; then, it is better to give a slow start. Start by changing up the daily routine, and think what happens to a man when a woman pulls away. You have to change up those little things that are done by you each day to spend little time pining over him.

You can go to a park, read a book for a while, & instead of having your coffee at home every morning. A get-together with friends and having a movie night every once in a while, can also be a very good idea. When you start doing little things, you begin to realize how easy it can be for you to stop thinking about the one who is not interested in you.


When you are completely aware that you need to respect yourself, it becomes easy for you to be a high value woman when he pulls away. You should never be all over a man who doesn’t give enough care with his time and effort. When he ignores your message, it is clear that this man doesn’t care much about you. Therefore, in order to be a high value woman, you have to start acting quick and block him to get back to your normal self, as you deserve better than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do when he comes back after pulling away?

First of all, you need to understand why do guys pull away when they are falling in love. When you get the answer, it can become easy for you to handle things. You should never take the situation personally, try to be supportive, don’t sit around and should never wait for him when he comes back to you after pulling away.

Why do some men withdraw?

Mostly there are three reasons for men to withdraw. First is that they lose interest in you; secondly, he may be afraid of becoming vulnerable to you, and he might feel rushed to commit to a serious union. Fear can be another reason for a man to act differently or withdraw. 

Does a guy pull away when he catches feelings?

Some men tend to pull away when they realize that they have started to develop feelings for you. It is quite unfortunate that this can happen at the very moment when you are also feeling the same. This may happen because of the involvement of the important stakes.

Why some guys push you away when they are in love with you?

It is quite similar to the one who is scared of commitment, and he may feel that it has started to get intense for his liking. He surely loves you, but he may feel that the emotions and time he spends with you are a little too much for him. Therefore, it is his way to put brakes on things by pulling away.

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