How to Build Trust with your Dog


Trust is known to be the key to every good relationship, especially those shared with our dogs. Therefore, the highest pledge to your best friend should be building its trust. As a dog parent, you need to realize that there are specific emotional and physical needs of our dogs, and you must be able to find ways on how to build trust with your dog.

We have to provide food, water, love, exercise and security to our canine friends and to live the best of their lives; they must know that they can trust us and depend on us to protect them and take care of them. Several ways can be helpful to build feelings of trust and lay the groundwork for having a wonderful life.

You have to make sure that it feels safe

When building trust with your dog, the most important thing for you to know is that it takes time. As a dog parent, you need to be ready to keep repeating the same soothing actions, like speaking to them in a comforting tone etc. When you make sure that your body language doesn’t threaten the dog, you can understand how to get your dog to trust you again.

It would help if you also give your canine a feeling that they are in a safe place of their own, which can be a blanket or a crate so that they are able to go back to it whenever they want. It will surely take a bit of time, but when you take such steps, you make sure that your pet eventually associates you with kindness and not fear.

 Trust with your Dog

They need training

Another good way to build a bond with your pup is to teach it new tricks. Different training exercises can be very helpful on how to get an aggressive dog to trust you and cement a relationship with you. This way, you can also strengthen the line of communication so that your canine can understand your intentions in different situations.

Training is also very helpful for your beloved pet to know that you are in charge, and therefore, it can become a source of great comfort for your dog. If your dog finds itself in a stressful situation, it will always look at you for guidance and safety.

They must be treated to things that they love

It is a reality that a dog’s heart is through its stomach; therefore, when a dog comes to your home, then you have to gently offer it an array of treats to see which of these is loved by your dog. Offering them treats can be a great way for you on how to repair relationship with dog.

Trust with your Dog

Several positive things can be done to make your dog feel comfortable. You can have many walks together, as it can create a great bond between you and your pet. It is also good to play with them because playing with their favourite toy can be good for them to associate you with all the fun things, and this way, they will know that you are someone they can take orders from.

Let it come to you

When you look at your dog come to you, this is exactly the time where it will let you know if it is interested to know you more. If it stays calmly in its place and sniffs your hand, then you can pet it, but you must pet the front of its chest. This is among the best ways to know how to make your dog love you the most in the family, and therefore, you will start feeling special about it.

You should keep in mind not to touch your dog from above if it is unfamiliar or doesn’t trust you. If your canine starts licking your hand, then it is a clear signal that it has accepted you. However, if it turns the head away or doesn’t pay attention to you, it means that it is not interesting for the dog, and therefore, you have to give it more time. You have to accept it and should never take it personally.


You have to understand that a dog always lives in the moment, and when we practice the present moment awareness, we can better connect with our beloved friends. It is natural for the canines to live in that stage, and when we meet them, we start to connect with them where trust may reside eternally. When we can incorporate such ideas into our lives, we can gain the confidence of our pup & build a relationship that will be deeper, stronger, and meaningful.


How long does it take for a dog to trust you?

If we keep bonding aside, it can normally take around two days to two months for any dog to get used to the presence of its owner in general. Although it depends, your love and effort can make your dog trust you quickly as a dog parent.

How to tell a dog that you love him?

There are several ways out there through which you can tell your dog that you love it. You can offer it training and positive reinforcement, give it a human touch, rub its ears and engage with it in deep conversations.

How can I say sorry to my dog?

The best and the most impressive of the ways to get your dog to trust you and love you again is to get the timing right. Other than that, you need to soften and soothe your tone, and if you happen to hurt your dog, you should immediately try to hug it.

How can you tell if the dog trusts you?

Normally, it is the body language of your dog that will tell everything. If it has a slightly open mouth, a relaxed and a lolling tongue, a relaxed facial expression, blinking eyes and a tail-wagging from one side to the other, then this clearly shows that the dog trusts you.

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