Proven Ways to get your Parents to say yes every time


When it is about making decisions in your life, parents play a very big role in deciding the best option for you. But it is a fact that sometimes their best decision may not be the best option available. Therefore, it is never wrong for you to be a little bit persuasive to show your parents that you can decide better for yourself and your decisions matter.

As you have your own choices, so you need to convince your parents about these choices. The main issue is what you will do if your parents disagree with you, and how to get your parents to say yes. You have to keep in mind that a few things can be done drastically to increase the chances of saying yes.

Do something different for your parents

One of the best ways to convince your parents is to do something for them before you ask them to say yes. It is unnecessary to give them something physical, but you have to make it genuine and meaningful. You can even start a telephonic conversation and find ways on how to get your parents to say yes to a phone.

If you ask them a favour in the evening, you have to start building your goodwill right from the morning. If they are rushing to go to work, you can offer them to walk the dog or clean the dishes. You can even thank them for something that they have done for you. The main idea of doing something is that when people get a favour or a gift, they desire to pay it back.

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Compare your request to something bigger

When people are not sure about a certain decision, then there are chances that they look around to find some guidance and clues. Normally it takes a type of comparison to something that comes fresh in their mind. Suppose you ask your parents for something costly, so when they evaluate it, they have nothing to compare to it. Therefore, there are chances that they may turn it down.

Instead of that, you can talk to them about a product that is a lot more expensive than the one you want. You don’t need to say that you want it; start a random conversation and mention the price. Then ask for the real product that you would like to buy. Therefore, they are likely to say yes to you, and this is how to get your parents to buy you something.

Start by asking for something small

First of all, you need your parents to agree with something smaller, but the item should be related to what you like to buy. When they commit to buying you something small, they will start to feel the need for consistency with the choice for different future situations.

If you want to buy a dog, this can be a big commitment for you and your parents. Therefore, you must understand how to get your parents to say yes to a dog. They may say to you if you directly ask for a puppy. So, you can start with a pet that can be easy to look after. You can ask for a dog in the next step, and your parents won’t be saying no to that.

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Try to make them part of your plan

All parents think that they know best about what is best for their child. It can sometimes be true but can’t always be right, and there are chances that they may say no to a suggestion just because it is coming from you. Therefore, you need to make them part of your plan, like if you want to go somewhere, you can find a way on how to convince your parents to go somewhere.

Before pitching your idea, you need to get them to be a part of your plan. When your parents get involved in something, they will start to see it as coming jointly from the entire family, and not that it is just an idea from the child that needs to be ignored. 


The most important thing for you as a child is to be truthful to your parents. It would help if you never tried to make stuff up because, in the end, it will hurt you and shake the trust that your parents have in you. Another thing to keep in mind that you have to keep your word when you promise them something, and if you want to convince your parents of something, you have to show them honesty, appreciation and honour, and you may get things done without even asking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to ask your strict parents out?

You can start by proving that you are responsible by showing them that you can handle yourself. The next step is to ask them something at the right time. By letting your parents know about what you are going to do, you are making a way on how to get your parents to trust you.

Define a toxic parent?

A toxic parent is the one who normally has self-centred behaviour and may never be emotionally available for the child when in need. Such a parent is perhaps uncaring, especially when they are needed the most.

Why must a parent be strict sometimes?

Strict parents offer the opportunity to their kids to get responsible and disciplined in their lives. Sometimes harsh limits can control the child’s behaviors, but these can never help the child in learning to self-regulate.

Are strict parents responsible for causing low self-esteem?

It is a fact that when parents start to exert some strong psychological control over their children, it can sometimes lead to problematic behavior. As a result, children tend to have low self-esteem and may get low grades as well.

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