Christmas lights are amazing but you wouldn’t want that kind of confusing signal from a guy you’re attracted to, right? The outcome as we all know is never pretty. In the end all that goes through your mind borders on ‘does he like me or not?’ Well, you can forgive his coin tossing Harvey Dent’s persona. Many guys are just indecisive or take too long to decide on matters of love. Here’s a chance to sharpen your love senses and pick up on key signs. Isn’t it pretty funny how men figure major life decisions out so easily but when it comes to love matters, it becomes a herculean task?

For many years, men have found admitting to loving somebody difficult, not that they are not open to receiving love but they just keep fighting their emotions. Men think love makes them vulnerable, this may be as a result of hurt by an ex in a previous relationship. Hence, they safeguard their hearts tighter than the Vatican security system for templar relics. This eventually leads to the event of fighting against their feelings. It is safe to say that men don’t experience emotions the same way women do but men are not difficult to understand if you have the intel on how they reason. Do you have that feeling he is currently holding back his feelings? Not to worry here are some signs to help you clear the air;


Happy with presence
Outdoor shot of cute couple in love, closing eyes and touching with foreheads while sailing on yacht, having vacation. Romantic boyfriend arranged date in sea to enjoy sunset with his girlfriend.

Caught him staring at you and switching his gaze immediately? A good sign to know he’s fighting his feelings is when he checks you out and doesn’t want you to notice. He might deny staring when asked and responds with a shrug of ignorance. Now and then, he may be guilty of ogling you. Men are helpless beings when around the girl they’re attracted to. So, once you are around and he steals some glares but looks away almost immediately to avoid getting caught. This is the green light, he likes you! And as such he will naturally stare at intervals subconsciously.


Unless you’re a detective, no one keeps someone’s trivial details at heart without butterflies fluttering in his or her belly. He remembers the little things and pays close attention when you speak? Lucky you! Because if he doesn’t care about you then he won’t. It is possible he isn’t paying attention to you when you are around others but he is listening and keeping every detail to heart. 

Also, he might stalk your social platforms to learn more about you and what you love. This doesn’t tag him as a creepy stalker, it’s only natural to have a burning desire to know more about a crush.

Little details about you


No need to wonder if he’s afraid of his feelings for you, his body language will always give him up. It’s like a happy dog, the tail will always wag. He may try to hide it but his body language will give him out no matter how hard he tries to fight his feelings. If you pay close attention to his body language, it will reveal everything you need to know. From dilating pupils, trembling hands to being weird around you. He might get all sweaty too and his smile lights up the room when he is around you. Just like the movie Stardust, you glow when around the one you love.


When he’s giving you the fatherly vibes such as trying to shield you from other suitors, he’s crazy about you. Men are territorial creatures at heart so he might get uncomfortable when you talk about other men when he is around you. He will also ensure your safety at all times and could randomly check up on you to show he cares. At times, he may even get all defensive to protect your reputation when in conversations concerning you when you are away.



Envy rears its ugly head when you feel your partner is attracted to someone else. In this case, he may show low-key signs of jealousy even if he tries to hide it. He won’t be able to control the sight or thought of you flirting with other men apart from him and might probably ask questions about them to clear the air.

When it comes to searching for true love if love isn’t freely given, it is not worth it. At times, you have to take the bull by the horn. If you’re sure he feels the same with the signs learned from this writeup, why not just shoot that shot then wonder what could have been later in the future?

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