How to Stop Obsessing Over an Ex-Girlfriend?


Breaking up with whom you were planning to live your whole life is one thing and how to stop obsessing over an ex-girlfriend after a breakup is another.

You feel frustrated, broken, and betrayed. Everything at home reminds you of your ex-girlfriend. Whenever you pick your phone the first thing that goes through your mind is checking your ex’s whereabouts through social media or other different means.

You can’t focus on your work anymore as the flashbacks of old times are not letting you concentrate. You are constantly getting obsessive thoughts about ex even when your ex has moved on.

Also, you know that your obsession will harm you one way or another so now you want to put a stop to it before it turns into something much stronger. We have gathered the most effective and practical ways that have helped others and we are sure they will help you as well.

1. Embrace Your Feelings to Heal Them

To move forward, you have to accept the reality no matter how painful it is. Accept your breakup. Accept that your ex-girlfriend is no longer a part of your life. This will help you end your obsession sooner than later.

Go through the healing process, if you don’t let your wounds heal chances are you might stay obsessed with ex for years.

Remember that when one door closes, many others are opened. You have to look for them to find your happiness back. If you keep crying over the closed-door you will never see many other opportunities that you have got.

Heal your feeling
Two heartbroken people

2. Choose Brain over Heart for Some Time

Your heart says one thing and your brain says another. Your heart feels broken, down yet your mind keeps reminding you to move on as you can’t find your inner peace and love from a place where you lost it.

For the time being, follow your brain. Develop a habit of listening to it more than the heart. The reason you are having obsessive thoughts about ex might be is you listened to your heart more than your head.

Every time your feelings try to take over, do what your head says. Don’t listen to your past as it has nothing new to tell. Your past relationship may have broken you down, collect all those broken pieces to build your better version.

3. Remove Everything That Brings You Back to Painful Old Times 

If there are things around you that keep on reminding you of your ex then saying ‘I am obsessed with my ex’ is obvious. You have got a bright future ahead so don’t stay stuck in the past unless you don’t want to start living your life like you used to live.

To create good memories you have to let go of bad ones.

Get rid of your pictures together, contact number of your ex, items your ex bought for you, or any other thing that takes you back to the time when you two were together. You can donate, sell, or even pack those items to store in a place where you don’t go.

Keeping the reminders with you will never let you erase obsessive thoughts about ex.

4. Spend Time with Those Who Lift You Up

Get friends support

Go to the place you have always wanted to visit with your friend’s group but never got time before. Now that you are free from a relationship that was never meant to happen, you have more time in hand to create beautiful memories with those who really value you, who consider you important in their lives.

You are blessed with a caring family and friends, so spend time with those who bring good vibes with them. They will cheer you up and help you get rid of obsessive thoughts about the ex. Soon you will realize that your life should not revolve around only one person.

5. Engage Yourself in Productive Activities

Many people have obsessive thoughts after a breakup but they don’t let those thoughts take control of their life. Many times people don’t realize that they are missing their ex out of habit not because they are actually missing them.

To break this bad habit and replace it with a good one, keep your mind and body occupied with creative and productive activities. It will stop your brain from drifting into the wrong territory.

You can hit the gym to transform your body into its best shape. Take a course you have always wanted to take. Doing it will make you a person who is skilled and multitalented. Use your pain to become your best version that is better than before.   

Engage yourself, work on yourself

Concluding Remarks on Obsessive Thoughts about Ex

The longer you stay in your past, the less time you will have to create and enjoy a beautiful future. You have to let go of the grudges and obsession to hold the hand of someone who is truly meant to be with you.

Consider your ex-girlfriend as an opportunity given to you to discover what you want or do not want in a relationship. Getting rid of obsessive thoughts about ex may not seem that easy but once you get on the right track, you will become unstoppable.

More power to you!

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