It is a fact that any long-distance relationship has to rely on transparency and honesty, and when it is about men, they don’t always look for continuous attention and warmth, but they indeed value honesty. Those who feel the need to hide something from him or lie about anything, then they need to stop themselves.

Many women wonder what guys want in a long distance relationship and how to make them committed to the relationship? In the start, a lot of men are on fire when it is about the long-distance relationship, and then after some time, they get a little tired and then disappear. There is a possibility that you as a partner might be saying or doing something that pushes him away from you. The following points should be considered in order to know what guys want in a long distance relationship.

Your trust

It can be quite a challenge for any woman to trust a man, especially in a long-distance relationship. As the woman is limited to the information given by his partner, her mind keeps wondering what her boyfriend does the rest of the time when not in contact with her.

Encouragement Trust Faith

The space between both the partners can heighten the sense of doubt and insecurity, but a woman should never succumb to the anxiety of what is unknown. It is essential to realize that trust is a significant part of maintaining a long-distance relationship, and if a woman doesn’t have the confidence in the beginning, then it can be impossible to make things last.

His privacy

It is quite possible that you might be anxious if your boyfriend is not replying to your messages right away as a girlfriend. It would help if you immediately stopped it because a few guys like to open up completely, but the majority of men dislike being monitored all the time by their long-distance partners.

As a woman, you should stop asking your boyfriend everything and know what he is doing. Keeping some mystery in a relationship is not a bad thing. Therefore, it is good to focus on other matters in life and try to make yourself busy with your family, friends, and career.


A safe haven

Every woman wants to be the man’s refuge and would want to be someone that the guys look forward to at the end of the day. If you want to know what guys want in a long distance relationship, you should try to be someone he can relax with, flirt with, and have fun with.

A long-distance relationship can be pretty stressful for a man; therefore, the last thing he wants is an accusing text message or a nagging call from you. Try not to make matters harder for him, and instead, you should play the role of a nurturing partner or a resting place where he can feel warm and relaxed.

A challenge

When it is about relationships, men love challenges, even in long-distance relationships. Although many people don’t believe it, if men have a challenge, they will start being too clingy and overly dependent on the long-distance relationship.

As a woman, you might be the first one to chat or call or the first one to set a meeting, so there is no work left for him to do because you do everything for him. Instead of being a babysitter, you should try to let him know that you also have standards. Therefore, it is never wrong to make him wonder, solve different matters or make him figure out different things.


It is natural to be supportive when you are in love with somebody. One of the primary reasons your partner may be acting distant is that he may not be getting the support that he expects from you. When a man loses support and faith from the partner, then he might lose interest in a relationship.

Men have secretaries that make them feel like heroes, and they are supported, assisted, and encouraged by them in whatever way they can. So, you need to play the same role because when a man gets support from his partner, he will automatically get attracted to her.


Bottom Line

When you love a man, it’s like loving a lion, but it is essential that you give him enough space and understand that he would like to feel respected in his role as well as authority in a relationship. It is not that difficult for women to know what guys want in a long distance relationship because they look for honesty, trust, fun, and acceptance. Learning the art of self-control is the most important thing for any woman who wants to maintain a meaningful connection with a guy. It takes time to learn things, but when you apply a few techniques, you will witness a change in his behavior towards you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any woman know whether or not a guy loves her in a long-distance relationship?

Guys are aware that they are miles away from their partner, but they will try everything to make you feel that they never left. They will be there for you, and even if they are not able to communicate with you, they make sure to remind you that you are critical to them.

What can be the best ways to make a guy feel special in a long-distance relationship?

There are a number of ways to make your boyfriend feel special. These include sending him a surprise mail, texting him some encouraging messages, posting some romantic social media update, or just calling him at the end of the day.

What are the best ways to talk to a guy in a long-distance relationship?

The most important thing for a girl is avoiding excessive communication and never trying to be possessive. It will be good if a woman doesn’t see it as an opportunity because a guy can easily sense that. Another best way to talk is to avoid any dangerous situations and try to do something similar.

How do you know if a guy is missing you in a long-distance relationship?

There can be a few signs which indicate that the guy is missing his girlfriend. These signs include texting the partner frequently and constantly, trying to be social on social media, and talking about anything to keep the conversation moving.

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